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"Russian Collusion: It Was Hillary Clinton All Along"

Why did Hitler have so much anger at the Jews?

5 answers · Tagaytay · 15 hours ago
Best answer: At the end of WWI in order to throw blame off themselves and their mismanagement of the war Eric Ludendorff and von Hindenburg, essentially the heads of the Reichwehr stated in an interview that the army had been "stabbed in the back" by the Jews and the Democrats. Considering the only Jew that held any... show more

Kwest fingered my 2 year old son last night?

4 answers · Law Enforcement & Police · 3 months ago
and didn't have the decency to let me watch ! HILLARY 2020 AND BEYOND ###

Why do Filipinos (Philippines) eat with Spoon and Forks , No kinives?

25 answers · Other - Philippines · 3 years ago