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Best answer: You noticed that too. If I didn't live in the US, I would think that half the population is black and 100% of them are upstanding citizens who are victims of racism. It doesn't take long for immigrants to learn the truth. Even Africans stay away from them.

Too scared to apply for a job?

6 answers · Bariloche · 2 weeks ago
I'm currently 18 years old now and I've never had a real job before. This didn't worry me so much before but now that I'm getting older, I'm starting to feel a real sense of urgency to get a job. The problem is that I'm painfully shy and socially awkward so the thought of having to sit... show more

Where can I advertise my garage sale?

5 answers · Bariloche · 2 weeks ago

When will atheists ever GUS?

0 answers · San Bernardo · 2 months ago
Best answer: I'm too busy TIRHing.

Is it reasonable that the law is forcing us to play along with transgender delusionals?

24 answers · Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered · 2 months ago
Best answer: NOT AT ALL. A person is BORN either a MALE or a FEMALE - NOTHING ELSE. If a person decides to be part, of the LGBTQ Society, that is their business and their personal choice. If they want a Sex Change operation, Birth Control or Abortion = PAY FOR IT YOURSELF! A person's personal choice is NOT a tax... show more

Does Bruno Mars is gay?

0 answers · Cordoba · 4 months ago
I was listening to Bruno Mars earlier, and I was wondering if he do gay. If so, then I need to burn my headphones.

Cuz instead of bok bokbok it was saying brrrick brrrrick

Best answer: After hell freezes over and their boogeyman gives our free snow cones and pony rides. ... But she has to keep the faith, she's commanded to hate everything and condemn everyone.

Best answer: because doing drugs is considered cool nowadays and dropping out of school. this generation has fucked up

Oh look, the chinks are back?

4 answers · Pinamar · 11 months ago

Should I tell my boyfriend?

3 answers · Bariloche · 1 year ago
Best answer: If you already left him, then what is the point? He is ultimately the reason your relationship failed. None of this would have happened if he wasn't a controlling jerk, and realistically he was never going to change. The relationship was always doomed to fail. Your pregnancy is none of his business. Forget him... show more