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Was Hitler really a good person?

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He was only angry because of how he was treated, wouldn't you do the same if you were treated like he was?

(aside from S. Africa)

Best answer: Most teams have a high proportion of black players, in modern times, so the opinion of one "Afro" is only a personal one. African players are to be found all over Europe, even in Russia!

I didn't like talking to them. I didn't like doing anything with them. And I thought they were yucky. Is this normal?

In other sports such as wnba you don t see a lot of female beauty .. they look almost like men .. However U.S. soccer players aren t just talented and skilled but also very pretty .. Have you noticed that ?

Is it you was or you were?

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Best answer: I wouldn't think anything of it. It wouldn't even be on my radar. The son of a good friend of mine got a degree in environmental science and he has worked at an outdoor preschool for two years now. He loves it (although he's broke)! LOL! I have no clue why anyone would think anything less of a... show more

Best answer: I would imagine

Best answer: Don't depend on your size. Depend on your skills. Steal the ball cleanly instead of trying to push opponents off.

How much is 4 servings of fruit?

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and were there flies?

Shes 5 now, will be 5 1/2 about 2 months after the school year starts. So she meets the age requirements. Shes never been to any sort of pre-k or preschool or day care facility & I personally dont feel that she is emotionally ready but her dad & others feel that she is so we enrolled her to start this... show more

Best answer: Unless they are looking for blood cancer then no but if you have any type of cancer your white blood count would be raised then they do further investigations with scans etc to find the problem