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Best answer: Isn't that like every story ever. They always laugh at people with their own passion. They said x rays were a hoax, that a heavier than air plane could never actually fly, and that computers for home use wouldn't even sell, and the ones that would would have few uses, and that UFOs and Jesus were just... show more

Are Some Actors Lucky?

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Best answer: Luck is sometimes a consideration, but talent, training and resolve have a lot more to do with finding fame. Most actors don't set out to get famous they act because they love acting. Most actors work for years and then get cast in a role that brings them renown. Solo is one of the more interesting roles in... show more

Should acting be a secondary goal?

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Best answer: Not always - not for some people. If you have huge amounts of spare cash, great talent, many years of basic training at a good acting school during which time all your tutors have told you that you're outstanding, talent at dancing in many styles, talent at singing (also in many styles) then maybe one could... show more

Best answer: It can be, although all good actors have had years of training and could manage this perfectly well. It would be usual for any actor tackling a disabled character to have private coaching on this specific area, as few actors have any personal experience, or know anyone who is disabled very well. My daughter was in... show more

Best answer: No it is not. I say go for it.

I’m audition for an arts school and it’s asking for 2 contrasting monologues from a published play that cannot be more then 100 years old, would the books published by D.M. Larson(freedrama website) count or will I need something like Shakespeare?

It's less than a month until this year's round of drama school auditions. I'm applying for RADA, LAMDA and GSMD. I need to learn four speeches because they all want different things and I know three out of four off by heart. The problem is that because of the time of year, my S.A.D has come back and had... show more

Are actors the victim of rumors?

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Best answer: I start some now and again.

Best answer: It can be taught but some have it more than others.

Best answer: How about the witch in Hansel and Gretel? She's living by herself in the forest and two little brats show up and start eating her house. Or the mice that get turned into horses to get Cinderella to the party. What happens to them afterward? They're mice again but still attached to a coach? UPDATE: As I... show more

Best answer: Try Born Yesterday. Billie Dawn might be what you seek.

Best answer: That is really the only way to get cast in TV or film. But to get an agent you need training, experience and talent.

Best answer: Both have their own challenges. Stage acting means you have one chance to get things right during a performance. Every word and movement must be memorized. Film acting is done in small takes for the most part and will be repeated several times. The body movements must be minimal and consistent but if a line is... show more