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What do actors do when they not acting?

I have never been to university or acting school. Thanks

Best answer: Nick - your name has next to nothing to do with casting. Changing it will not get you more jobs. No one says “Wow! What a great audition, but with that name there’s no way we can cast him” or “He looks nothing like what we need, but love his name so let’s hire him”. There are legitimate reasons to change you... show more

Would a pop song be ok? Or should I stick with something classical? Contemporary? This is my first ever audition so I'm not really sure what to do.

Help!!! Please answer this?!?!?

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I am a theater major in university, and I got offered a part in a film. My parents want me to drop out of school and take the part because of the amount of money it pays. However, I enjoy being in school, going to classes, and just living a normal life. My parents, on the other hand, want me to take this part... show more

For some time now, I have had this question. Why do some actors have the paparazzi behind and others not? I find it very curious that most mention that they are fed up with the paparazzi but, even with the same job, other actors seem to not have this problem. I mean, since I live in the Dominican Republic and I... show more

Best answer: Acting is something you can do and start at any age. HOWEVER! Do you know what the difference between a dream and a goal is? A dream is a fantasy, of something that you desire but don't pursue on a realistic level. A goal you pursue by taking the necessary and realistic steps, by doing all the work it takes... show more

The role is of Ms. Wellington, a middle-aged businesswoman, and the director is looking for a man to play her to provide comedy relief. While she is supposed to say funny things, she is seen as a real, passable woman with red nails that wears a blouse/top, skirt (that goes to the knees), high heels, etc. I'm... show more

I’m getting kicked out by my parents and so I figured if I’m gonna try something I gotta do it now but I don’t have the money for classes. Should I just go there and start auditioning even with no experience?

Im 21 and would love to pursue an acting career. Not sure where to start but is it too late for me to look into that specific career?

Best answer: No - I saw it in the West End, London. It was amazing!

Best answer: The fact that actors sell tickets. That is how Hollywood works. If you sell tickets, they're willing to pay you more. Earners make movies. Your story kind of sucks, given he didn't just turn down the money he turned down the role in favor of the one Brando ended up with and for which Brando was paid... show more

Best answer: Different people learn different things from different interviews. I think the show is more inspirational thane educational in the sense you can gain different perspectives of acting. Some you can connect with and others maybe not so much. I do enjoy watching it myself.

I have a tryout for a musical the wizard of oz. I am a soprano. I have to choose a song that goes good with my voice but it can’t be from another musical and it HAS to reflect the style of the show. Please give suggestions I’m desperate!

Can you make it big as an actor and get a degree in acting at the same time? I’m getting a theatre degree from a community college but if I could I want to eventually try to get an acting degree from a good arts school.

Best answer: In England the standard procedure is that you go to college, then instead of a university you apply to one of the many accredited drama schools (Rada, Lamda, Central, Guildhall, East 15, Rose Bruford, Royal Welsh, Royal Scottish, Bristol Old Vic, Arts Ed, Mountview, Guilford, LIPA, Italia Conti, Sygnet, Oxford... show more

I'm in a Audition Technique class that focuses on preparing you for acting auditions and everything that comes with it. Every class we get audition sides, study for 20 minutes and film it. After that the whole class watches them and we do pretend callbacks at the very end. I never got a call back...Ever! I... show more