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Something like a checklist

Might post the step by step build on YouTube, can't find the right plans I need help looking for the correct plans to buy

Patches are worthless. So other than staying out of the cabin and not eating any meals what could I do? I'm a diabetic by the way and need to figure out what I can pack that won't make me toss my cookies during an 8 hour charter on lake superior. Definitely bringing a change of clothes.

Best answer: Just reseal it with two part epoxy resin.

It is a 1990 Bayliner 1903 Trophy, with 150hp Evinrude outboard

my understanding is that there is a vent on the external gas tank that I need to open before operating the motor. do some tanks not have vents? the motor started but seemed like it was not getting gas/increasing throttle did not help, etc. I did not see a vent to pull up etc. on the tank. new to boating, thanks

You got a boat?

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Best answer: Yes, it's in my bath.

Best answer: why didnt you ask this about texas?

Best answer: My neighbor's son used to go fishing with his dad on a small boat. Then he went to a maritime academy. Graduated and became a mate, now has his captain's papers. He runs large charter yachts in Bahamas and west coast of Mexico.

Best answer: A chain will damage you boat even if you cover it . And any rope will become damaged in time . Just buy the best rope you can afford and replace it when it becomes damaged!

Best answer: Tricky, I would say it will be fine, but if you have a small current leak (usually you can spot them by corrosion on wires/connectors) then your battery could be dead next time you check. Without knowing your setup or how long you plan to leave it, it's impossible to tell. I'd recommend a small solar panel... show more

Do you think merchant vessels could become fully automated and set sail without anyone on board.

Best answer: The larger container ships weigh tens of thousands of tons. Applying that much mass at a small spot (about 100 feet across) at high speed, almost nothing will survive. You can see what even a small ship can do on a collision with a dock or other ship on YouTube videos if you search. Quite impressive.

I wanna buy a salvage boat to provide ship salvaging services and to look for antique shipwreck artifacts etc. I'd want the cheapest one I can find, something second put a large winch on and that could haul up big pieces of metal or carrying crates. What are some optuons? Also I thought about it but would a... show more

Best answer: Riva boats look pretty cool