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Probably very studpid question, but we say the airplane "burns the fuel" in order to be powered. Is it literally burning inside the fuel? I would think it's very dangerous if there is real fire (flame) within the engine. But if there is no fire, why say "burns the fuel" and how the oil fuel... show more

I think they wasting power of using Air condition we can use natural wind during the whole flight that will be more amazing Seems like they are idiots

Even though that tiny piece of plastic poses absolutely no threat to jet liners

How much is a Boeing 767?

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What is your Vehicle of Choice?

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Best answer: HoverCraft RocketShip equipped with more FirePower than the "most powerful" human nations. Ommm

Best answer: I didn't realize it was ruined. There are still plenty of people flying every day, out of the airport in my town.

Aviation Regulations?

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Assuming we are day vfr and one of the position indicator lights was no longer on the airplane(as in it fell off in flight or such). Would the airplane still be airworthy assuming you abide by 91.213? An instructor once told me in this scenario that it would not be airworthy, “as we just can’t have parts falling... show more

Best answer: It depends... If you were one of the few that could afford to fly before deregulation, it was bad. If you think a $79 cramped seat on Allegent or Spirit is still far better than a 12 hour car ride, it was good. If you live in a market that supports enough traffic to bring in multiple airline, it's a good... show more

When to use ODP or SID?

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Best answer: First off, you should be clear that ODPs and SIDs are both obstacle departure procedures. Second, ODPs aren’t assigned by ATC. Unless certain aspects of it are specified in the IFR clearance, compliance with an ODP is not mandatory, but it is wise and ATC pretty much expects you to adhere to them. Third,... show more

Best answer: Certainly Every airline has its own, highly-trained gremlin inspectors, who can be supplemented by the airport's staff of auxiliary gremlin hunters. However, all pilots and cabin crew must themselves undergo gremlin-trapping and killing training, just in case some particularly clever and canny gremlin manages... show more

Hello One of the things that we should inspect for walk around inspection in A320 is the fan cowl door. It should be CLOSED and LATCHED. My question is what is the difference between closed and latched?

Best answer: Yes, when they are only about 40-60 feet above me.

He tried fora pilots licence in his 20s but was diagnosed with epilepsy a few years ago

Rc flying not "new-comer-friendly"?

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Best answer: Find another club. Most have a free introductory period where newbies can fly under strict supervision and instruction, usually on a dual-box controller which allows the supervisor to take control at any point. There might be a charge for the instruction itself, but you won’t have to pay the annual club fees.... show more

Best answer: They DON'T move it "TOO MUCH". They move it just the right amount to make the airplane fly where they want it to go. Your video appears that the pilot is doing a good job controlling a smooth descent to a landing in rough weather.

What degree needed to be pilot?

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I know I need a bachelor degree , I researched what degrees I need , this is what I found “Career Requirements. To become a pilot you need a bachelor's degree in aircraft operations, aviation, aeronautical engineering, or a related field. In addition” . Do I need all of these degrees stated above or just one?