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someone hacked my icloud account can apple tell me the ip address and location of the person who did it?

Could I be the victim of a scam?

11 answers · 1 week ago
This morning, while I was walking to the grocery store, a middle aged woman stopped and asked to use my phone to call her daughter as she forgot hers at home. After sizing her up, I determined that she would not be able to take off with my phone, so I asked for the number and dialed it for her. I gave her the phone... show more

Do I have a computer virus?

5 answers · 7 days ago
Best answer: Windows 10 comes with its own antivirus, Windows Defender, which protects against 95% of malware. You can also run Malwarebytes for the remaining 4-5%. You can run them both at the same time. I doubt that you have gotten an infection from the Internet. Windows also comes with a firewall built-in.

Is android protected from viruses?

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My sister has a metro pcs phone. After she hung out with her friend, she says that for some reason the guy she talked to is able to see and hear everything she does. She says he posts stuff on her Facebook in reply to what he hears. She also says he is messing with the connection on her phone. I told her that maybe... show more

Will your IP address always show up when you google, "what is my ip address" even if I protect my computer from hackers? How can I be sure my IP address cannot be accessed?

Best answer: That's like asking for my bank account number and password, but promise not to touch the money. Ya, right...

Hello, I am wondering, is there a way to find who's behind an instagram account, Ip and other info? I'm not the one trying to hack into an account I want to make sure if I create an anonymous account, It can't be traced back to me. I'm not talking about police and stuff, I won't be doing... show more

Am I being scammed?

5 answers · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: It's a scam. Downloading the app is what will give you a virus. DO NOT click on any links or download anything. Back up all of your contacts, pictures, music, etc then do a factory reset on your phone

I'm going to get a refurbished surface book and I read that windows 10 comes with an antivirus in it but should I get another one?

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