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How too delete a Computer virus?

14 answers · 2 days ago

Best answer: you could try that

How can I get rid of this adware?

15 answers · 4 days ago
I have discovered I have the adware on my laptop. I want to get rid of it. I have been through an insane amount of tutorials on how to do so, and have tried several different antiviruses. If you Google a tutorial, I’ve most likely already been through it. No suspsicious content popping up in my... show more

Best answer: Wtf is bieber doing in there??? Replace him with CHUCK NORRIS

Credentials I used four different logins before seeing a text underneath saying “If you are NOT an authorized user, be aware that your IP address and the time have been recorded. Repeated attempts to gain unauthorized access will be provided to your ISP or other service provider and to the appropriate law... show more

I work at a gas station and they have a WiFi router from Verizon. It has a password, so not public. I always use my Android smartphone when I have free time. I'm concerned my boss is monitoring the WiFi and can see which websites I go on and my usernames and password. How do I know if the WiFi is being monitored?

I have a virus plz halp?

10 answers · 3 weeks ago

it is incomplete, if I want to protect my child from porn, I want to protect them from the addiction to porn, and if they can look up Bikinis, they are still getting the negative effects of porn. I want to block the images from bikinis, and other terms as well. how do I do that?


7 answers · 4 weeks ago

Best answer: Debt is irrelevant. Deleted browser history can sometimes be recovered if the computer is no longer used immediately after history is cleared, and recovery proceeds without loading Windows.  Otherwise, the data area is increasingly overwritten so that less and less, and finally nothing, is recoverable. If the... show more

Best answer: NO, that is not safe. Also do not do any banking on a public wifi network.

Hacker code of honor?

7 answers · 1 month ago
Best answer: I once met a criminal who had spent 14 years in prison. He said that codes of honor are b.s. because criminals always do what's in their best interest. There is no hacker code of honor. I'd completely ignore the spammer because he's trying to hook you. If you're worried about something getting out,... show more

How do you stop or slow down pop ups?

9 answers · 2 months ago