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POLL: is today the greatest day of your life?

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Whats your opinion of tattoos?

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Is the butt more imporant or are boobs more important?

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Temporary tattoo on penis?

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Weird question but if you were to get a temporary tattoo on your penis would it go away? Does the skin regenerate on it like the rest of your body?

Does getting your tounge peirced hurt?

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Best answer: I know standard tounge piercings do not hurt. It’s pierced inbetween the muscles where there are barely any nerves. During the healing process it’s only the exposed enter/exit area that’s sore.

How does one go about becoming a tattoo artist?

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True or false: one way to get paler skin is to stay out of the sun?

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Are tattoos sexy or gross?

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What is my skin tone??? Help please?

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I took this picture in natural lighting hopefully that helps

Ear Piercing infection, what should I do?

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I got my ears pierced 3 weeks ago at Claire s. Claire s now has this 3 week healing solution which they told me after 3 weeks, I can change out my earrings. I did for less than 24 hours on Saturday (today is Wednesday) and put my old ones in because they are much smaller. Last night, I went to bed fine; nothing was... show more

Women do you get turned on by naked men?

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What tattoo would you get if you had to get one?

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Whats your opninion on neck tattoos?

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Best answer: just dont show it to her and then you wont have to worry about it

I had a surgery and I m still massively healing. The skin on my face has become dull. I look sick. Could this be because all the nutrients are going to the leg? Wondering why my skin looks so bad :(

Does tanning really give you wrinkles?

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I tan very easily but I am naturally so pale and I hate it