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I have male pattern hair loss for some years, it's not very advanced, but not very initial though. For years I struggle whether I should take the medicine (Finasteride), but I am so worried about the possible side effects, I once took it for a month, I could feel some degree of decreased in sex drive and... show more

Blonde vs brunette?

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Do you color your hair?

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Best answer: No , I never have.

Best answer: For women it is, because without it your hair will get damaged and broken off and thin Also will get tangled when trying to brush out wet hair after a shower. So it’s actually extremely important. But for men I don’t really think it matters cause they usually have such short hair

Blonde or brown hair ?

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I’m naturally blonde but I like the look of brown hair ? Do people prefer blonde or brunette ? If I dye my hair brunette will it ever go back to its original colour ??

What hair color do I have?

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I got rejected from Job because of my long hair but I don’t care if I have long hair if women who have job have short hair can have jobs than I can have job too.

Best answer: Hey the description of your hair matches mine perfectly! I just recently got my hair bleached, so I think it can help. I have medium-brown hair, but there was some black dye left in my ends. (I did it literally 3 years ago—black has staying power.) The stylist immediatley recognized that I had dye on my ends and... show more

Best answer: My natural grey is a beautiful silver. If I had been less fortunate and my grey hair was yellowish then you bet your boots I'd be going for a more attractive hair color from a bottle. Thankfully, Nature was good to me in this particular.

Why I can’t get a job?

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Best answer: My son had long hair, through high school & university, almost waist length, beautifully kept. Around a month before he graduated he had his hair cut and donated it, knowing that going into the professional world, appearance would be included. Does it affect your ability to do a job? No Does it offer a... show more