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Does he angry with me for asking unimportant questions? Or he just forgot to answer it

Best answer: Definitely not.

Best answer: I dont think I would get along with a person like that either. The people I have met who believe in it seem to young girls or middle class women with no higher education than public high school so I think comparatively they are stupid in general.

Are YOU moving the questions?

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Best answer: Aquarius is most mysterious for me and rebellious as well ruled by uranus and saturn .it is also known as revolutionary zodiac sign. Scorpio is very intense and passionate zodiac sign ruled by mars .some time it is mysterious too

Best answer: If it’s not science, it’s superstition.

just shut up already we get it

Do all Taurus act the same?

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What’s your zodiac sign?

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Best answer: Scorpio Sun with Aquarius Moon

Are Pisces attracted to Capricorns?

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Hi, I am a male Capricorn and I love a female who’s a Pisces. I am deeply attracted to her and probably obsessed with her, but I am not sure if things will ever workout the way how I am expecting because the last Pisces I dated was a horrible experience. I got cheated on and treated like filth, I was also more... show more

Was HITLER really an Aries?

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They say he missed being Aries by hours. More Aries are known to be mass murderers than Taurus. Also APRIL 21 ST is Taurus. Hitler was born on April 20

What will happen in my love life?

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Does Tarot provide the exact solution to the situation?

Is it true that mercury is less important than the other planets in your natal chart?

Why are Cancers so manipulative?

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Best answer: Manipulative people are narcisssists.

Best answer: It can be any sign maybe cancer or virgo

Best answer: In what way? Depends on what kind of Neptune aspects you have in your own birth chart. Some astrological placements/aspects can be good/beneficial and some of them can be bad/disadvantageous. For example, I have Neptune in the first house. Which indicates that I have hypnotic/dreamy eyes, because first house means... show more