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I KNOW we live on a flat earth. If I become an astronaut, smuggle a phone up to space with me, and take a pic of our flat earth, then post it on social media, and expose the lies we are being told, what would I be charged with?

Best answer: Well (looks at groin area)

Best answer: Somebody was having some crazy sex or I wouldn't be here

Best answer: I do but wearing clothes is bit more comfortable. (Ever sit on a bell or whistle? Very annoying).

Wolud you buy a pre owned used car?

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Current time in your city?

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Best answer: 5:05 Moderately hot. 90F

Best answer: Quincy Combs ❤ P.Diddy's son

Best answer: I have been told by a few persons I have a dynamic and confidant personality. In actual fact I am very shy and lack confidence.