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Lately I’ve just been wanting to pack up my motorcycle sell everything and just ride

My brother dropped my motorcycle a 2009 ninja 650r which is fuel injected and when i start it up the rpms are higher then normal almost at 2000 and it was usually lower than that. I do notice the bike is louder and makes a popping noise like its misfiring. Also i did find a hole in the muffler or factory exhaust... show more

On September, the guy I ve only been seeing for a week will have his birthday. He is obsessed with bikes and cars and I haven t got a clue what to get him, can anyone help?

Getting a motorcycle to the DMV?

5 answers · 6 hours ago
Okay, so I am considering getting a motorcycle endorsement in the future and the thought occurred to me. How does one get his/her motorcycle to the DMV for the road test if he/she can not legally ride it yet? Also, this is assuming said person does not know anyone who rides.

Ok so I went to a private mechanic to have repairs done on motorcycle. Long story short - he charhed me 1000 but i find out theres are things he charged me for but did not do. About 500 worth. On top of that, I find out he burned out my new tires and admitted to riding over 200 miles on it. He even swapped out the... show more

Specifically a motorcycle, but every time I accelerate to 6,000 rpms it starts hesitating and sputter but then it'll stop after 7,300 or so. It's freakin annoying. Any advice?

New fairing for a ninja 650r?

6 answers · 2 days ago
Hi my brother just crashed my bike today and the fairing is cracked on one side of the bike. I tried looking for just that piece online but had no luck. Does anyone know any good websites that sell good fairing kits? I found a few, but worried i might get ripped off $600 and it not fitting or looking right when... show more

Best answer: Replacing the caliper is a smarter move.

i weigh 485 pounds & cant walk, i need one, but she won't buy me one. help!!

I don't know much about motorcycles just started learning how to ride from my boyfriend. I decided I'd ride my motorcycle to the store today to get some more experience so I started it and let it run for a few mins with the choke on and then when I took the choke off it just died. Could that happen if it... show more

Best answer: Harley never made a "Hog".Harley H.O.G. refers to Harley Owners' Grooup. If you are referring to full dressed big twins, IDK. With Mr. Trump's hats made in China., more likely Guangzhous painted red. white, and blue. Harley owners are concerned of rumors the KC plant will be shut down and... show more

I'm a 20 year old, 5'7, 120 lbs girl, and I wanna buy a standard or a sport bike (no cruiser bikes). The main thing I'll use it for will be to commute to university. Also, of course right now I don't know how to ride a motorcycle and I can't drive a manual car either, so will it be hard to... show more

I’m wanting to paint my 2016 Harley Iron but I really like the stock tank decal and there’s and I’m having trouble finding one online

I have a Honda aero 55 1983 and the fuel valve is clogged. I can’t find any online and my local Honda dealer says they can’t find one. How do I either find a new one or clean this one? There’s no shutoff valve