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Why are motorcycles are so loud?

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Best answer: Since most of the answers to your question are rude and people are just ignorant, I'll give you the answer you're looking for. There's a scooter called a Piaggio MP3. It has 2 wheels in the front and 1 in back. It'll stay upright going slow and on highways or whatever, it handles pretty much like a... show more

Best answer: Bleed until FRESH fluid comes out. Do not bother with the brake fluid bottle. It will be bad when it is time to change the fluid again. You can give it to a friend but it must be used immediately.

Best answer: Dont worry about anonymous bluefaces that hide behind terminals. Easy to be a jerk with impunity on a computer. Call one out--bet he Doesn't show. Here are Duc forums, they are more specialised than any random answers out here: When I ask questions, answers range from obviously... show more

Whats wrong with my gsxr 600?

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My battery for some reason is not charging when the motorcycle is in operation. I have changed the Stator and I have changed the Regulator Rectifier. Its still not charging. A its doing is draining the battery voltage from 12 to no cranking voltage. Completely out.

I don't know anything about how cars or motorcycles work, but it just seems weird that motorcycles are always screaming through the street as loud as the beaches of Normandy, and cars, which are much bigger (and presumably would require much more force to move) don't make anywhere close to as much noise.

Best answer: We don't even know which country you live in. And even if we did we couldn't give anything other than a wild guess. Get online and on the phone, get quotes and compare the amount of excess and coverage you get. Then pick the best option for you.

Best answer: It's called 'lane splitting' my dear boy and yes, it's legal all across the globe except; Pretty much the whole United States (Excluding California). Aye, Yankees are a genius! Or at least that's what they like to think. Anyways, I do it all the time here, across the pond. In fact; I've... show more

I currently have a Florida Drivers license and that's it! I'm looking for the quickest solution to get the Dual Sport on the roads of California!

my truck has the anti-drinking device in it and my motorcycle is exempt from the device...but can i drive my motorcycle?

My current car's gas mileage is 13mpg. Motorcycle I'm looking at is at least 40mpg but it requires 91 octane fuel.

Do u planned to buy an motorcyle?

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Best answer: Most scooters (depending on engine size) get 75-100+ MPG, most 50ccs are in the 100+ range. Now 'How FAR can you drive' depends on the size of the fuel tank, a 50cc scooter with a 50 gal. fuel tank would not be recommended but could go 500+ miles. (a direfully terrorful ride on a 50 with a 50 gal.... show more

Pretty self explanatory. It s raining and I went to fill up my gas tank but I got paranoid because of the water around the tank lid. Is it ok to open it and fill up?

-I obviously suspect there are endless kinds of bikes, but I'm looking for a certain body type (minus those BikerBoys bikes driven by "Rednecks with long mustard beards" - sorry, didn't know how else to describe it; I'm also ignorant, but it was an effective description, was it not? You know... show more