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Best answer: Why don't you just disconnect his router and put your own on there? Or better yet, why don't you just have the internet shut off? If he wants internet, he can pay for it.

Are wifi extenders worth it?

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Does it mean it has WiFi? Or you can connect your WiFi to it?

Best answer: Generally no, as far as the uplink to your ISP is concerned. The upload and download speed of the connection are determined when the modem syncs up with the service provider. There are multiple frequencies capable of carrying data on the DSL line and a few are dedicated to sending data upstream while several more... show more

How can I find my WIFI password?

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I recently moved in a small efficiency and there's no free public wifi in my area. I tried creating a mobile hotspot but my service provider doesnt allow it. I'm trying to get online with my xbox. What are some of my options?

Modem or Router for Faster speed?

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If I directly plug my pc to modem will I get faster mbps download and upload than plugging into a router?

To checklist the things that I've done, I: - Replaced the modem, no effect on DC'ing issue - Wireless network card replacement, still no effect on DC'ing issue - Scanned my computer for corrupted Windows files, no corrupt files - No Malaware - Anti-Virus isn't interfering either - Managed some power... show more

Best answer: Because most people of your age (I presume you are young, because otherwise you would not be asking the question) do use social media. You are not weird, but perhaps more mature than your friends.

Not public free Wi-Fi.

Best answer: If you are connecting to "xfinitywifi", that is comcast's hotspot. In order to connect to it, you need to register the device with an xfinity account. Once it is registered, it will connect without needing to login. As to connecting a router, that would depend on whether there is an ethernet... show more

Or do you still have to pay for a Wi-Fi service in order to access the internet with it?

I want to post a long technical financial report that I recently wrote for a finance committee. I suppose I could put it on my One Drive and give them permission to look at it, but then I would have to look up all their email addresses to give them permission on One Drive. What would be simple way to get this... show more

Is DSL analog or digital?

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Best answer: I have been in the business since 1966, worked with Ma Bell (and broken pieces) for 41 years, been working with DSL since 1999. DSL is ** ANALOG **. Even Wiki is has it correct: "The underlying technology of transport across DSL facilities uses high-frequency sinusoidal carrier wave modulation, which is... show more

IP address question?

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Does it vary by computer/device, or the network connecting said device to the internet?