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Best answer: He will authorize a refill for my prescription of Alprazolam and Topiramate.

Best answer: Windows 10 is, by and large fine and better than windows 7. I have been using windows 10 since it was released and have had no problems whatsoever. A few people have had problems with updates but these are usually easily resolved and rarely cause significant damage. I have a desktop and 2 laptops running windows 10... show more

New Volume E Drive?

5 answers · 2 weeks ago
to start off with, im a comupter idiot. I know next to nothing about computers and if someone even mentions the word "motherboard" i get a migraine. I may be 19, but i might as well be a grandpa with how awful at computers i am. I know that it's a hard disk partition and that it's empty space for... show more

Best answer: Technology has a weird way of accelerating. There is a slim possibility engineers will have figured out quantum computing and holographic memory. If so, computing will get weird really fast. By that I mean, too fast for the user's learning curve.

Best answer: This reeks of "Well, if I can't use this, nobody should get it." Downright spiteful.

Best answer: I've told you the answer before. Why you no WHISTEN!

Also with as much hardware is in the world and beams and satellites bombarding our brains every hour, do you think, it's to blame for how crazy the human race is turning. Thanks for reading.

Best answer: Yes, 3D printers build objects out of plastic, not out of paper and ink.

Computer repair man fraud?

9 answers · 4 weeks ago
So my computer wouldn t turn on, took it to the computer repair across the street, this guy said i needed new video card and a hard disk. For the video card he installed one that s old, 2008. For the hard disk he installed a laptop one. The computer turned on but now it s very slow and doesn t work well anymore,... show more

A Couple of months ago, I dropped my Seagate 3TB. Once. Some of the files in it are corrupted, and I can t copy paste them into another HD. I tried using Arq and RSync. It all gave me errors. When transferring files from the Seagate to the WD, a file would eventually give me THIS (Picture below) and then give up... show more

Best answer: It's damaged, so the disc is partially unreadable. Some of the files may be still be salvageable but not all of them. The reason you can "see" the files is because the part of the CD where the file directory is stored is still intact.

I have Windows 7 Ultimate Asus ( PC ) and i did Disk Wipe on it by selecting it from the System Recovery Options and now i can't start my computer because this message shows up: "Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key" i think it's because... show more

Best answer: Until Windows 10 came out, there were the options to decide if, how and when updates were installed. In those halcyon days, Windows had a feature update life of five years and a security update life of 10 years. With Windows 10, Microsoft have not just moved the goal posts, they have completely demolished them and... show more

Best answer: If you can save data from a laptop to a 'floppy' I suspect you would need 100s if not 1000s of them to save your data because floppies will be extremely limited with the amount of space they have.

How do I get my system to boot up?

7 answers · 1 month ago
I just bought a cheap HP Pavilion Desktop. It came installed with Windows 10. I bought it because next semester I’ll behin working on my cloud and administration degree and I want to delete windows 10 and install Windows Server 2012 so I could get comfortable with it before taken my MCSA courses. So I went to... show more

Best answer: The Turing machine was a theoretical computer which was a thought exercise that showed how computer programs work. The Turing test was a test for artificial intelligence, but that's probably obsolete now, as now that it's been passed, we don't want computers that are too human like. Using his computer... show more