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Best answer: It's Yahoo. I had to login 11 times to answer this question.

What is email?

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I got this stupid iPad from my school for $100 dollars. I used it all 4 years so I just bought it so I can keep it to watch YouTube and stuff. Anyways I had to do a reset on the iPad in order to get rid of all the school ****. Anyways I cant get through the part that is asking got my Apple ID. I dont ******* have... show more

Best answer: It sounds as though you have some form of trojan on your computer that is allowing somebody to control it remotely. What operating system is it running, and what anti-virus and anti-malware software is it running? Make sure it cannot connect to the Internet (possibly by switching off your router) and switch it on... show more

Are these sentences correct: a) "You shouldn't leave your computer on when you're not using it, because it wears it out." b) "When you play music, your laptop computer consumes energy more quickly." c) "If you play music, the energy of your computer will run out more... show more

Best answer: when a lot of people are home and on the internet, you may experience slow speeds, to fix this, just find their coaxial cable that is usually (partially outside) and cut it. If they have a satellite dish, throw a big rock at it.

Are they able to steal files from my pc using a different pc? It seems like there s people who know what I m doing on my pc from another building.

What is a computer server?

6 answers · 4 weeks ago
Best answer: A server is any computer - or piece of software - that provides a service, eg. data of some sort, to another program or computer. Many people think they are a special type of machine, but that only really applies to the cases used on ones built to be stacked in racks for places that need many computers. If you... show more

My computer exploded!! what do i do?

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Best answer: just get out of there before you catch on fire

How to print screen on computer?

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Best answer: I agree with - "just get a new battery". BUT....you might try to determine how old it is. I believe the first Pavilion came out in 1995- if its that old you might want to consider a "newer" computer. You can buy good used or refurbished laptops for around $200.

Does windows 10 spy on its users?

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Best answer: i wouldnt even worry about it .. the thing is somebody has to be interested enough to actually 'spy' on you .. but the truth is that even the hardware itself these days is designed to have 'back doors' in it that anybody that knows what theyre doing can take advantage of .. so as i said, dont worry... show more