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Can i buy 40 gb?

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Best answer: You can have a slow computer and you can have slow internet. Sounds like you have slow computer. The number one cause of a slow computer is too many programs running on Start Up (when you turn the computer on). Windows 10 - Right click the Task Bar and in the pop up menu click on Task Manager. In Task Manager... show more

Cant delete local disk e?

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Date of first personal computer?

7 answers · 1 week ago

I was reading stores where Steve jobs and a couple of other people in the 70s went to a government place where they were shown alien artifacts that came from the moon. Some of them look like iPhones and iPad. Steve jobs tested them out and so did a couple of other people he was with. The government wanted Steve... show more

I wanted to reset my computer to just delete everything and start over (as if youre resetting a phone or buying a new one) but I needed to keep windows 10. Im only a teenager so i ll be in a lot of trouble if i messed it up. Anyway, a thing saying "Your PC has more than one drive. Do you want to remove all... show more

My right shift key is broken and I need it for games. is their any way I can make another key act as the shift key?

Best answer: For the same reason any product is taken off the market: it didn't sell due to consumer demand.

To my knowledge there are adapters that let you convert an HDMI outlet to an AV outlet, so by this logic it seems that you could get one where the male/connecting end connects to the AV port on an older game system (EG. Game Cube or anything produced before it). You could then use either the female end of the... show more

Best answer: The speed depends on your internet connection to upload & download. SSD would likely be the fastest because it is stored locally on a drive that has no moving parts. Cloud storage is more convenient than anything since it is accessible pretty much anywhere & your local drive doesn't take a hit in storage. show more

How long can a computer work?

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Best answer: I have 20 Commodore 64 computers that still work (a couple need some minor repairs that I need to get back to). How long they last depends on several factors. First is the power supply. The original C64 brick power supply usually was filled with potting compound which held in the heat, eventually frying the 5V... show more