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What is binary?

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Java, C, C++, Python, Matlab, Perl, Assembly, Swift, HTML, CSS,?

Create website?

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Best answer: Depends on what layer you want to work on. For example Lua is great for higher level layer programming, but it's also limited. Ruby is great now that they introduced continuations. Python will never go away, which is a good thing. There are a lot of high level languages that are very interesting but probably... show more

I recently got a call from the church I work for asking for a meeting about hiring me to update the church website. I've never done web work for profit before, always only for fun. So I don't have any experience freelancing at all. The website requires updates in links, photos, removing tbs and pages, and... show more

How much data is 1.94GB?

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Whats a TXT file for?

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Best answer: Nope. GW Basic used to be.

Update java?

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I'm a Computer Science Graduate. I know I don't want to build apps or be a Web Developer. On my resume I have the following languages as my top languages: Java, C++/C, Python, Matlab

It's a disaster. It's all over the place and is costing me so much, not only in time, but also in opportunies and money. I have to switch webhosts. Which host is good and how do I do it?

Best answer: I suggest Python if you're a very beginner. I also like Java. In uni I was taught C++. Or if you want to learn web development, learn JavaScript, though you'll need HTML and maybe CSS too. ****

Examples: -someone says you can learn 10 programming languages in one week -someone says Artificial intelligence will change the world 100 times more than electricity did -If you want to become a programmer in 2019 you must do these 10 things -reasons why C++ is no longer used -Javascript will be the only... show more