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My PC began acting weird after spilling coffee over my keyboard.?

10 answers · Laptops & Notebooks · 2 days ago
I accidently spilled coffee all over my keyboard. I unplugged, cleaned the keyboard and plugged it back in. When I did so, my PC went sicko mode. Whenever I click on an icon, numerous icons get selected. Whenever I type anything, other folders and applications pop up. I pretty much can t do anything because I can... show more

Do you defrag your hard drive? Is it necessary to do so anymore?

19 answers · Other - Hardware · 4 days ago

How can I make my computer stop frezzing?

10 answers · Desktops · 2 days ago

What kind of cable should I use so I can install an SSD and WHERE should I connect it to?

is it safe?

Leaving the desktop on for extended periods of time or shutting down/starting it up several times a day?

How do I completely wipe a dell protected laptop?

5 answers · Laptops & Notebooks · 12 hours ago
My father used to work for dell, and when he quit, they told him to just keep the laptop they gave him. I’ve been out of a computer for awhile, so my dad said I could have it if I can figure out how to reset it. The only problem is, it’s a secureworks laptop, and so far every time I’ve tried to find a way to reset... show more

Best answer: They were white for half a year and then turned yellow. The non-aesthetic look like white keyboards.

My mom's office gave her their old computer and she gave it to me. However, I believe this computer was set up for dual monitor and they didn't provide the cord for it. What do I need to buy? I know it is a DVI to VGA (i think) but which type because they holes on this don't match the cords I was look... show more

Gaming PC randomly freezes?

4 answers · Desktops · 2 hours ago
This issue first appeared a few months back and I'm getting tired of it as it really ruins immersion. It only happens while doing more demanding tasks like gaming, with some games causing more frequent freezes than others. The worst culprits are graphical intensive games, cutscenes, simulation games and when... show more


4 answers · Printers · 3 hours ago

What can frequent black outs do to my computer?

4 answers · Desktops · 8 hours ago

How do I know if my cables are good? I want to install an ssd and hdd

Are all SSDs the same?

8 answers · Desktops · 3 days ago
For example I want to buy a 120GB SSD. Is there a difference in the company you buy it from? My first instinct would be to buy it from Kingston because I know and trust them but is there an issue with buying an SSD from a different brand? Is ADATA good? Or Sandisk? What brand should I buy from if I want a good... show more

What is AOC, please?

6 answers · Monitors · 3 days ago

This is a picture of ports on the back of my PC. I am just wondering if it matters which ones I use for external drives or USB flash drives. Thank you for your help.