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...from being an iPhone user to a non Apple phone

I get anxiety when I don’t play with my phone 😭 especially twitter, Instagram or Facebook.. it’s ruining my life

Best answer: 1) Define "texting". Originally, years ago, Short Message Service (SMS) provide the capability for texting. Typed on a phone, press send, the text message was sent to a server at the cell phone service provider's switching center. From their, by locating the text message's destination phone... show more

Both cost 200$ and are new. Which one should I get??

Best answer: Yes. 3 generations of them for the last 3 years. Pixel & Pixel XL lines.

Phone calls?

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so i just got a new sim card for my phone and i have been getting spam phone calls from telemarketers and people trying to sell me a insurance plan or something, anyways what do i do to stop the calls

Best answer: No, phone has built in protections to prevent you from over charging.

It's taking over 8hrs to reach %100

I'm planning on getting an iphone soon, but I heard that you beed iTunes to get apps from the app store. Is this true?

I have data and WiFi and he has a very limited amount of data. Are there any apps that I can download to text his phone without it costing him anything?

In 100 years from now will people still be using mobile phones or something else?

Best answer: No. FaceTime is exclusive for apple users. But you can always go on facebook messenger/skype/ line/ viber or other apps