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Which Best iPhone or Samsung?

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Can't do stuff because of phone?

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I have planned to go to a long journey on foot but never done it because I'm scared if my phones battery died I would be lost and not find the way back

Best answer: The only iPhones you should consider are the iPhone XR, the iPhone XS Max or maybe the iPhone 7 on a budget. The iPhone 8 is a renamed iPhone 6s with wireless charging for all practical purposes. It's a complete waste of money if you really want something that feels new.

Thffhhbbtgh gg yuh gyybb?

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Are you going to buy Huawei still?

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What is android?

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Iphone or Android?

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I bought an open iPhone SE to replace an older iPhone, and I am signing up for a different service. They provide the SIM. And of course I want to port my old number to the new service. But I don't want to cancel my old service before the new one is set up. If I set up the new service before I cancel the old... show more

Best answer: Check your fetch and push settings. If the phone is sleeping, but still ON, and plugged in ( sometimes not - depends . .) then with push, messages, etc. are delivered - you can set a badge or even screen notification to appear when you get new info. Fetch means that you must manually swipe or refresh when you... show more

How much did old cell phones weigh?

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I recently switched from an android to an iphone for the first time, and I have pretty much everything on my SD card in my android (apps, pictures, videos, etc). Will anything be lost if I move this card into the iPhone? I know that apps can be different between the two phones so I just don't want to mess... show more

I've never had an iPhone before and have been thinking about getting one in the coming months. I wanted to get some opinions from you regular iPhone users about their durability, because it seems to me like people are always breaking the screens on them with so much as one drop. Now, I'm not the type of... show more