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So we were watching tv like normal then all of the sudden went off. We tried turning it back on and didn't respond. We changed the batteries in the remote, did not work. We plugged it on other outlets, did not work. We even tried manually pressing the power button in the side of the tv and that didn't work... show more

What is the purpose of TV lamps?

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Why did people in the 50s and 60s put lamps on their TV sets? Wouldn't having a bright light on top of the screen cause eyestrain and make the TV harder to see?

We’re thinking about changing the setting of our living room and are deciding on whether or not we should mount the tv above the fireplace. We have never used the fireplace so I don’t really think it would be an issue but I could be wrong. What do you guys think? Also the tv is quite big maybe around a 65 inch or so.

Help idk where my tv remote is.?

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Just wondering how invasive a dish installation is. Whether they need to come inside or just on the roof/side of the building. Thanks!

Best answer: You can update the entire channel listing, and that is the easiest way to add any channels you are missing. On a Bush smart TV remote control: press MENU select INSTALLATION select AUTOMATIC CHANNEL SCAN (there is a manual option but auto is easier) select AERIAL TYPE from the list offered (probably 'digital... show more

Best answer: I base my decisions on logical thought. Old style, 27 inches was as big as anyone should need or want. A widescreen model with height equal to the old 27 is enough now. But, of course, almost everyone thinks bigger is better.

Tv has just snow?

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I want to buy myself a TV in Germany but am not sure about the refresh rate between the 2 following TVs: - 43 inches 4K Ultra HD with 1.500 Hz PCI GHz refresh rate - 49 inches 4K Ultra HD with 60 Hz GHz refresh rate

Best answer: Good or bad, the choice is up to the purchaser. You and I have no right to criticize them even if their decisions make our stomachs hurt.