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Best answer: How tall is the subject and what camera are you using? The angle of view is 15.2 deg so on a full frame camera someone 6ft tall would need to be 22.5 ft away. 5ft tall and it’s 18.75ft. distance = (height/2)/tan(15.2/2) For a crop sensor you can multiply the distance by the crop factor (1.3 or 1.6 or whatever)... show more

I’ve been looking to upgrade from my current camera the camera rebel t6i, as much as I love the camera I’m just ready for an upgrade to something else. I just enjoy shooting photos for fun, I was looking into the t7i, what do you think?

Best answer: Indoor sports like basketball and hockey require a fast shutter speed to prevent the subjects from being blurred due to their movement. Problem is that you're inside shooting in a somewhat dim lighting situation. Therefore, you must have a lens that has an aperture of at least f/2.8 or better. Most of the... show more

Best answer: There's no comparison. The A5100 is an APS-C format mirrorless while the G7X Mark ii has a much smaller 1" sensor. This difference alone means that the ISO performance of the A5100 will be superior to the G7x ii. Here's a comparison:... show more

How do you get a phantom camera?

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Best answer: I assume you mean Phantom (with a capital P) as in the high-speed Phantom cameras used by such people as the Slow-Mo Guys on YouTube. These cameras, if you don't already know, are super expensive costing upwards of $250,000. Therefore very few people actually buy them. Instead, you can rent them from... show more

Hi. I moved my pictures from internal memory to sd card but the files lost their original resolution and picture quality. Is there anyway to fix it? Also some of the files got corrupted.

I’m using the canon sl2 with an external mic so I had to block out background noises on the camera?

Best answer: Yes. But you’ll need a tripod or maybe a small beanbag to rest the camera on, a high ISO setting on the camera to make it more sensitive to light (try ISO 3200 or maybe 6400), a wide aperture setting (try the one below the maximum aperture for your lens as that will give sharper images, but most lenses are best at... show more

Front of phone pic is very dark?

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I saw rhinocamera, e-infin,, What are the experiences? Those rating sites are making me question everything all over and over again... I m preferably looking for Canon 80D + 18-55mm (maybe even 18-135mm or 55-250mm) so if anybody from the photography world has a tip, I d be very grateful.