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Best answer: they beat us on the space race with everything in the 60s EXCEPT putting a MAN on the moon, why should I be surprised

How much would it cost to fix up a 1977 corvette c3?

11 answers · Chevrolet · 4 days ago
I am thinking about buying a 1977 c3 corvette to fix up but was wondering what would be the range to fix it up and how much would it be worth when I want to sell it.

I have no spark in my 1995 jeep wrangler?

5 answers · Jeep · 16 hours ago

Haven't changed either front or back but need rear break pads and rotors does that indicate a problem with

Best answer: It varies greatly according to the neighborhood where you live, where you work or attend school, how long you've been fully licensed, how much you would drive per day and for what purpose, where the vehicle would be parked during the day and at night, your previous driving record, the value of the vehicle and... show more

I've tuned it,put new catalytic converters and 02 sensors but it's only getting 10 mpg? I think it should be at least twice that.

Best answer: The transmission end of the driveshaft should be designed to slide in and out of the transmission.. 1/2 inch should not make a meaningful difference

Where do I add the oil in my 92 accord?

9 answers · Honda · 5 days ago

How many Chevy Camaro's are on the road today?

4 answers · Chevrolet · 2 days ago
Best answer: There are 56 off road Camaro's. 322,610 on the road. You do the math.

, and claiming most of them are radicalized to the right. The white Christian males were who discovered, explored, pioneered, settled and developed the greatest Republic in the history of mankind that lasted almost 200 years. Now today the leftist are demonizing both the white man, and the Christians.