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Best answer: What, all of it? Certainly not. I would keep a good chunk for myself to make sure I live my old age in comfort, and the rest would go to my family and a few organisations whose aims are close to my heart.

Was Jesus a jew or jewish?

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Best answer: Yes.

Diffrence between jew and jewish?

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Best answer: Noun vs. adjective

today I saw someone solve a rubix cube blindfolded. it made me feel like an inferior race. I suggest we make it illegal to be too smart. what do you guys think?

Best answer: i'm sooo vewwwwy vewwwwy sowwwwwwy.

I want to help a young woman who is homeless but she is really in a terrible situation, as of right now she’s living on the streets in NYC with less than $10 to her name, she’s 28 & she wants a better life for herself but it’s starting to seem impossible. I myself don’t have much extra money to spare but want... show more

Best answer: For eternity. I just read that somewhere.

Wheres my red cross relief check?

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Very cringy moments?

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Best answer: nnaybe you should talk to a counselor about all this, that nnight help you out

Here's some common sense.... ( pay attention now ) - it'll come to you quick --- > Ford makes a claim 36 years later, but is clueless as to when it was, where it was and has no memory as to what house she was in. A Palo Alto ( south suburb of San Francisco ) - liberal haven and she is a declared... show more

Did we ruin our relationship?

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When we started dating, it immediately started by us sleeping together, not sex, just sleeping together. One night things got intesne and we almost had sex, we stopped and decided we didn't want sex to ruin our relationship. A few weeks later it gets extremely intense and we gave in and had sex, afterwards we... show more

I know that most hospital volunteers (with the exception of those partaking in special junior volunteer programs or whatnot) tend to be those of retirement age, but would it be likely to be accepted as a volunteer when you're only in your late 20s? I have prior experience as an actual paid employee of a... show more

Best answer: It may be a local thing. I volunteer at my local library, and we have more male than female volunteers, at least on the days I work. Several are veterans. Maybe I just live in an area with a lot of veterans who choose to help in the library, or maybe it's related to demographics.

In the Bible Jesus said call nobody father except your father in heaven. I’m thinking about calling my father by his first name but I haven’t worked up the courage. But in school I don’t call the priests father anymore because of this. They think it’s because some lack of respect but not at all. I must follow Jesus... show more

Is community service necessary?

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Best answer: it is if you want a "community"

Where can I do community service?

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I’m on probation and I have to do 50 hours, anyone know where I could do them in the OC area? I’m 16

Best answer: Growth of any kind is a process, and growth in Christ is a process of dying to self, extinguishing the carnal nature/mind; all which are about being made free from the blinding of darkness and walking into the Light. Without awareness of own faults/sins/weaknesses we will remain in darkness. One of the most... show more

Is there jobs that let you travel helping Less fortunate countries, or even countries that have been in an unfortunate disaster that need help?? I just want to help make a difference in the world and another people’s life’s around the world that might not have the same opportunities as others. If you have any... show more