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Whats a golden shower?

6 answers · 4 days ago

If you are gay, you can decorate your cubicle with rainbow flags, and no one has a problem. If you are gay, you can talk about gay politics, and it's OK. If you are a Christian, you can't decorate your cubicle with Bible verses, people have a problem with it. If you are a Christian, you can't talk... show more

Is an Insta Pot worth it?

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There is a sale at a local store and have been thinking about getting one. A six quart is about $70. Just wondering what people think about them before I buy. I do cook but a lot of time I am pressed for time between working night and volunteering at the American Legion.

Best answer: Atheists have never brushed their teeth so why would they start now?

As a sex offender how does one improve trying to being a good person? Are there any tips on socializing and working? Might not be able to erase the past but trying to better myself as a person. I am not afraid to admit that I have done what I Have done, but I don't know how to explain to others. Even in my... show more

Best answer: We start from the assumption that human messengers have no power, but if we make clear the effect of magic as power to do certain things, this is possible, only by the power of demons! Demons do not have a body like us humans, but they are spiritual entities, they live outside the body, and have the advantage of... show more

I saved the lives of a family from burning to death but I got no recognition whatsoever! It's not fair that some homeless guy gives $20 for gas and he becomes a viral sensation while I saved the lives of 7 people yet get nothing!!!!

Best answer: chat is not allowed here...

Best answer: easier than praying & repenting.

Best answer: If running for governmental office, it might be a real talking point.

Best answer: Catholic beliefs do lead to hell, yes. . Catholicism and orthodox lead to eternal torment in the lake of fire, since they both teach works for salvation, which leads to hell (Acts 15:1, Galatians 1:6-9). ........................ You need to believe in JESUS without works, to get into heaven (Romans... show more

Best answer: A question I ponder every minute of every day.

Best answer: Hi, why would we laugh. It's a great thing to want to help fellow travellers on this journey called life, and it's even better if you just want others to be happy and aren't worried about your own happiness. The sad thing about world hunger is that you are far from the first person to feel you'd... show more

What is the correlation between the 2?

I am starting to get rid of some items because I am getting married in October and my fiancé and I cant bring everything into a 600-900sqft apartment or condo. While cleaning I found a bunch of books i needed to buy for college that i never sold after college was over. Where can I donate college textbooks, regular... show more