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Global warming versus little ice age, your throughts?

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Best answer: All he would have to do to win the het would be to post a link where you say that climate never changes. Sounds like an easy $10000. Unless you never said that.

The means is morally justified to achieve a political/ideological goal, i.e., attack corporations, Capitalism and those who oppose a Leftist agenda? Do they really believe they are saving the Earth,and this justifies lies?

Libs If global warming is real then why is it SNOWING?

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Best answer: Global warming is the global "average" temperature increase. Keeping weather records has only been extensive and thorough in more recent times. Each year, record breaking cold temperatures should be expected in several regions and cities. Also expect record breaking hot temperatures in many regions and... show more

Best answer: The is because the Sun, which is the major driver of the Earth's climate is entering into a predicted 178 year solar cycle, which is going to cool the Earth for the next 30 or so years. The Sun energy output (total solar irradiance) and sunspot number are at 200 years lows. The graph below shows the... show more

Why the heck is global warming political?

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Best answer: What is global warming to you? Apparently you think climates were stable before humans began emitting CO2 so it is easy to convince you that humans caused any warming that occurred. It is apparently easy to convince you that any warming is necessarily bad. In fact, the climates always change, sometimes a lot and... show more

AGW is a lie inspired by political, environmental and economic motives: Socialism, Leftist Environmentalism, and Grant Money while decrying Capitalism.

Best answer: Thank God, the wicked witch is gone!!😁

Best answer: I really don't know. I can't even convince me! I can see the poles are warming because the permafrost is disappearing from several places. I understand that man is putting CO2, among other things, into the atmosphere and that CO2, by itself, under lab conditions can cause warming when it has light shone... show more

Why is global warming bad?

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I will submit my details in a answer

Just like the Dyson Sphere collects energy from a star, can a simple program of reflectors hypothetically cool the Earth? It seems possible that lightweight reflectors in orbit could be done.

How high will sea levels likely rise in 100 years?

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Best answer: "Recent projections range from 0.2 meters to 2.0 meters (0.66 to 6.6 feet)" [by the year 2100] That's a big range! https://sealevel.nasa.gov/understanding-...

Can hail fall through a fireplace?

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I have a wood burning fireplace that heats up the whole house. It’s an old house that I just moved into and I’ve never used it before. Today it’s hailing outside, and I’m hearing thing crackling sound coming from the fireplace. Could it be the hail falling through the fireplace? Or is it something else..?

How and when did the Anthropogenic Global Warming scam begin?

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Best answer: I think you could say it started with Maurice Strong. Strong, a Canadian billionaire helped found the IPCC, a political organization that was all about using CO2 to further a leftist agenda. That agenda included global governance, redistribution and they used environmental crisis to sell the need. I think... show more