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Best answer: That’s what communism is

Do you support putting Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill?

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Best answer: this is a good question!

Which political party is more moral and decent?

72 answers · Politics · 2 days ago
Best answer: Democrats, easily.

How did Obamacare impact you?

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Best answer: I lost my health care plan and my health care costs shot up, but I was able to keep my doctor. :/

Agree or disagree: Poor people are poor because they don’t value education?

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Won’t free healthcare take away our freedom?

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if we have free healthcare the money will be coming from our taxes. This money will go towards things many do not support - abortion, gender change, etc. the argument no longer becomes “my body my choice” when our tax dollars are going to it. Agree?


Why didn’t even one democrat vote in favor of it?

Typically under the law, the burden of proof lies with the accusing party. Kamala Harris is proposing this be reversed when it comes to accusations of pay discrimination. She wants the burden to be on the company to prove any pay differences are not caused by discrimination and to place a heavy fine on any... show more

Best answer: As long as it doesn't cover their face I'm fine with it

Who is a bigger threat to America today Pelosi or Putin?

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Best answer: Pelosi by far. Putin is NO threat.

Trump was just voted most admired man in the world?

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wow, that has got to hurt you democrats, does it? does it hurt? yeah, it sure does hurt.