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I have a German Sheppard that s approx. 4 months old and recently hes been desperately eating his food everytime we feed him. We feed him once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once at night, in the morning a somewhat full bowl, and I m the after noon and night half of it, sometimes more than half, and he... show more

I have two female cats, one is a feral cat that doesn't like being close to people and the other is the daughter of that feral cat, so I can't exactly get them spayed and the other non-invasive birth control options seem expensive. So I was wondering if they can take human birth control pills?

Should a cat be neutered?

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Is this harmful to cats? I've heard that de-clawing cats is harmful to them and prevents them from catching food, which is instinctual for them. Will this affect my cat in any way, other then not being able to have babies?

My dog was leashed and stepped maybe 3-5 feet onto a neighbor s driveway for not even 5 Mississippi s. My dog did not pee, poop, bark, or even get close to the neighbors or their dog. The man throws a fit that my dog stepped onto his property for a few seconds and that the dog walked alongside his fence.

What’s a good name for a rabbit that looks like this?

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Why did my dog randomly bark at me?

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I was in the kitchen while my brother was sitting on the couch, after I was done in the kitchen I went to say goodnight to my dog and she did a mean aggressive bark towards me.

I have a mixed jackdaniel/chihuahua dog, whom is 13 years old. He’s scared to death of thunder and he gets VERY mean and goes into attack mode towards me,during storms. He has left plenty a marks on me, from his attack modes. I’ve tried the thunder shirt (didn’t work) and now I put him in the bathroom, but he... show more

Should I get a Saint Bernard?

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How far can a dog walk into the woods?

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So i have 2 puppies around 2 weeks apart but both about to be 3 months and they are both around 3 months, i was wondering how much water should I give them and when would be an aproppriate time, i usually give them water when they eat and after i take them out to play but im worried its not enough any suggestions ?

What is your favorite rodent?

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Mine (and my all-time fave animal) is a guinea pig! I own two American shorthair sows. Note: hedgehogs, raccoons, skunks, shrews, rabbits, hares, pikas, hyraxes, meerkats, mongooses, ferrets, weasels, tenrecs, opossums, and noles DO NOT COUNT as rodents.

I have a 3 year old male husky who I've had since he was 8 weeks old. Just this week, we adopted a 1 year old female husky. My male husky has always been a dominant dog, but the new female seems to be as well. She is constantly trying to hump him and they have begun battling it out to see who will be alpha (I... show more

Unpopular female dog names?

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I m getting a new puppy in July, at the moment just looking up different breeds. I already have a black cavoodle who is called Shadow. I did have another dog who was a Maltese cross by the name of Patch (But had to put her to sleep just after christmas) Know any names that are good, I have already got - Blue - Kota

How do I politely decline a dog walking client?

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Best answer: Just simply say "I cannot take you on as a client." You don't have to justify yourself.