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My dog is extremely aggressive. what to do?

20 answers · Dogs · 2 days ago
I have a GSD 3 yr old, who is very aggressive. my family has nervous kind of people, so he kind of tries to be bossy around. He snaps and bites people coming near him other than family and always tries to fight other dogs even if they are calm. HELP?

Can I trade my old cat for a new one?

20 answers · Cats · 2 days ago
Best answer: No. Your cat is not old - he's middle age. If you cannot love this cat and keep him for the next 5-10 yrs, then you should not get another cat that is more exciting. I've had 15 and 18 yr old cats that would play and run around the house and were not boring. Very few people are interested in adopting a... show more

Dogs or cats???? Explain ur answer?

64 answers · Cats · 5 days ago

Peguins are so lame. It's like a fish that can't swim.

Like say that you recently have a bay and you’ve had your dog for a couple years. Will the dog get jealous because you are not giving it the attention you used to?

Question for Pitbull defenders?

13 answers · Dogs · 1 day ago
I keep hearing a lot of pitbull owners and pitbull defenders use the argument: It's not the dog's fault, its the human's fault for raising them poorly! Everything is the fault of humans! All dogs are beautiful and perfect! F*ck all humans! So apparently these humans are raising these pitbulls to... show more

How can I make my dog lose weight fast?

11 answers · Dogs · 15 hours ago
I have a Maltese dog and I have noticed that he is very overweight. He is just coming out of puppyhood, and weighs almost double of what he should weigh. Any suggestions?

Question about winter coats for dogs?

10 answers · Dogs · 17 hours ago
I am going shopping for my puppy a winter jacket. I was wondering if the jacket acts as a harness as well and if there will be a loop for me to clasp the leash to ? If not , Is the harness to be worn underneath the jacket? Or over the jacket?

Why do my pet rabbits keep dying on me?

10 answers · Other - Pets · 17 hours ago
I genuinely don't understand what I'm doing wrong. As I far as I understand, I'm taking excellent care of the little guys. I feed them high-end food from the pet supply store, I give them ample living space and attention, I bathe them at least every other day, I buy multiple bunnies at once so they can... show more

Best answer: As long as he did have air holes in the box, my take on this very sad event would be he was probably on his way out when you first found him. Shivering can be down to cold, but it can also be down to severe pain. Perhaps the dog had been involved in a RTA and was fatally injured. There's no point beating... show more

What is this growth on dogs paw?

8 answers · Dogs · 8 hours ago
14 year old Golden Retriever. He had vet exam 4 weeks ago. Blood work good. Tumors in belly found to be fatty. Vet not concerned about growth. He's had it a few years but was relatively small. The last week its grown in size and looks painful. Will be making another vet appointment.

What color is my cat ?

15 answers · Cats · 4 days ago
Best answer: Blue Tortie Point and White domestic longhair. While the pattern is from a Himalayan, Himi's don't have white on them; other option is a Ragdoll. However, she is neither breed - she is considered to be a domestic longhair.

And that their breeding activities make them little or no profit? Then why would they want to change the look and destroy the health levels of these breeds ( and several others) by breeding for THEIR or the Show Judges favored.... Look ?

touched my eye after petting dog

What is your favorite dog breed?

41 answers · Dogs · 5 days ago

What’s your favourite breed of dog?

11 answers · Dogs · 2 days ago
Just bored and curious... and I love dogs.. xx ❤️❤️🐶🐶