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Why does the UK want to exit the European Union ?

31 answers · Current Events · 19 hours ago

Best answer: Who cares? No one wants to hear it anyway.

Current Events: What now for the Brexit process?

20 answers · Current Events · 23 hours ago
Best answer: I agree that the Brexit Referendum was nonsense, as not enough information was available to the British Public, so they believed the lies being bandied around by Political Parties like UKIP, that used dodgey dirty money to fund their Leave Campaign. The Labour Party aka Jeremy Corbyn, kept quiet throughout the... show more

Best answer: It's kind of funny, there are other countries that have built walls and when a country in North America wants do it, it's considered racist and all that jazz. Honestly this generation is a bunch of irrational, illogical people that go off their emotions.

Is anyone happy with how theresa may is handling brexit?

19 answers · Current Events · 22 hours ago
Best answer: Delighted! She's ably demonstrating what a complete nonsense the whole concept of Brexshit actually is!

It looks almost certain that Brexit will be delayed past March, and a second referendum could be held. What should the questions be? Would the government try to split the leave vote? And, if we had a second referendum, would there then be a third?

Do you feel disappointed with how brexit is going?

15 answers · Current Events · 22 hours ago
Best answer: I'm disappointed that the UK is wasting £500 million a day pursuing this folly. It's time we ditched the whole idea of Brexit and got on with making this country prosperous.

Is the UK independent?

13 answers · Current Events · 14 hours ago

Is Brexit finished today if Theresa May loses this vote?

19 answers · Current Events · 2 days ago

What do you think of the new controversial Gillette Advert?

18 answers · Current Events · 2 days ago
Best answer: Cringeworthy. You can never stop little boys tumbling around and pulling little girls pigtails. Im sick of the social engineering that is going on in our world today.

Shall we deport all the EU nationals after Brexit?

20 answers · Current Events · 3 days ago
Best answer: Not so much those Polish Lithuanian and other European countries..they work. It's those muslims who should be deported

Best answer: It is looking unlikely which would be a shame in many ways because it is the best Brexit deal we are ever likely to get. There are alternatives: Crash out of the EU without a deal - a much worse option - or revoke our notice under Article 50 and remain in the EU, which many would consider a good idea but which... show more