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Best answer: Oh, religious people. They are just so funny and adorable. Bless them (or rather not, because this is a fantsay aspect, ha ha ha).

Why don’t people accept that “Easter” is a fake Holiday?

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Best answer: People believe anything now. The Ancient Astronaut Theory plus Illuminati, Reptilians and a Hollow Flat Earth is today's cool religion. Science they reckon is a religion too. Holidays were 'holy' days, not excursions into narcissistic pleasure travel and its associated debaucheries.

Does Camasan Judes Emanuvel sound like an English name?

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Why cant we just throw our rubbish into space?

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Best answer: Have you seen space? The Earth is surrounded by space junk. Plus you won’t be throwing it, it’ll be blasted by rocket into space. Not very green.

Best answer: It's entirely predictable. The outrage bus isn't half as full about it. When Christchurch happened, Sadiq Khan offered extra police protection to mosques in London, despite the attack happening 12,000 miles away. His reaction to Sri Lanka is only that he offers his "thoughts and prayers". No... show more

That's not his jurisdiction he is not a dictator being disabled does not mean bed ridden and not having a life outside. Disabled people go out visit family and visit the store. We need that stupid man out of office. We don't need ignorant people that think like him in this world either.

Should England become a god fearing Christian country again?

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Best answer: NO: you can live in the past.. the so called good old days where very hard old days really.. the truth is that people have never had it so good..

How are you spending the English heatwave?

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Today was a rather Indian like summers day. I recall living in injia on one of fathers company holdings and being fanned by the ghastly natives who were only too keen to feel our whip. We owned land by hundreds of square miles. Today the hoisehold and I went on a delightful boat road down a river, cream cakes,... show more

Sri Lanka church bombings- are the suspect we dare not mention?

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Are the suspects in this case and usually every other case those who we cannot mention as it would " politically incorrect " and rock the multicultural boat? I wonder if the church bombings get the same global sympathy and support as the NZ mosque shoot. Neng my Chinese servant has sounded the gong,... show more

Best answer: It's a republican thing... anyone other than a republican would see it as obstruction, look at their record of presidents with problems...

Would you rather be born in 1920 or 2020?

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So Dianne Abbot is above the law?

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Drinking alcohol on the London Underground when it has been banned for years. She needs a reality check and then resign

Why do people on here hate Manxbiker so much?

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It's not always gonna be 25 degrees in London and a good old fashioned soaking would serve them right.

Best answer: I do not advocate violence but a graffiti on a mosque does not even compare what they've done. It's like a single drop in an ocean. The Bosnian Serbs knew how to deal with this issue.

What caused the norte dame cathedral fire in paris france?

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Best answer: An electrical fault is thought to have caused it.

Who are the worst fascists on YA CE?

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