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Would you ever buy a Rolex watch?

30 answers · 2 days ago

Are you considered rich or poor?

50 answers · 3 days ago

As a point of reference, let's go with a regular, two-button Ralph Lauren type polo. Even if you don't wear them, how many would you do up if you had to wear one?

I put on my pants first.

Best answer: An abandoned building maybe. Could be dangerous though.

Which outfit is sexier for a date?

26 answers · 4 days ago
A. Black miniskirt with heels with a crop top B. Tight skinny jeans with high heel boots and a crop top In both cases hair down, and belly button ring in.

Full of sparkly accessories with walls painted pink. Most girls like it after all.

Best answer: I noticed that too, it was kind of funny. Maybe its the mandala effect and those trends never really happened here. Lets forget about DC and do you remember Von Dutch and FUBU lmao

Best answer: I think scars can be unnerving for other people, but personally I don't think there's anything wrong with it. Scars are on your body, and they're a part of you; you shouldn't go out of your way to hide them, but I can understand with a lot of scars there's a measure of shame behind them for the... show more

What color should a purse be?

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I was recently arrested and I’m due in court late next week. Typically, I wear heels to work with my professional clothing, usually with a 5” heel. I don’t have much in the way of lower heels that would match with the professional attire, maybe 4” at the lowest. I’m wondering what height of heel is appropriate in... show more

Can you wear white to a wedding?

6 answers · 17 hours ago
Best answer: If it's mostly white, no. You can wear something over the top, like a blouse if it can work, or a nice coat, and that could cover it. Maybe you could roll the sleeves up (in a fancy way, don't be sloppy lol) to make it look less white? Try as much as you can to add more colors to it and make it look less white. show more

Are you pumped up for the 2020s?

6 answers · 21 hours ago
The new decade coming up and all the new things will pop up?! The new changes in music, technology, the ‘fashion’. I mean the 2010s is almost over

Can a guy wear an ankle braclet?

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