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Best answer: Well, I'm not going to say it was a horrible idea if the doctor thought you were fine. Did the doctor do a full blood panel and check all of your levels? Your blood pressure could have gotten better from the exercise, too. So the cause and effect could be a little muddy. Do what works for you and keeps you... show more

Why do people choose to be fat?

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Best answer: The damage done? You will gain some water weight, lose it over the following few days and be back on track. Don't miss out on fun things just because you are dieting. 1 day of fun doesn't ruin 3 months of work plus the months of work that are going to follow. Live your life.

I am trying to do better i my activity and wonder what most people do. Walking, running swimming? Thanks.

I’ve researched that 2 miles doesn’t really burn many calories but I’ve lost about 5 pounds since I started. I weight 207 pounds and run about a 9 minute mile. I usually run 2 miles since that’s the most I can run after that my legs are unusable lol. Is it worth it to keep running or should I start a different... show more

I didn't eat for basically a week then did today so I threw it up and took laxatives on top of that. I've been hardly drinking any water. Running many miles everyday. I know that what I do is not good. I'm 16 years old and never really realized it was this bad until recently. I've been getting... show more

Just read about a local bodybuilder dropping dead from a heart attack in his 30's. I fell in love with bodybuilding about 6 years ago and even competed in a couple shows. But over the last year I decided to not compete anymore and live my life in moderation. Such as eating what I want to, going to the gym when... show more

Best answer: Some people always come up with some nonsense to discourage someone from losing weight. Ignore the metabolic syndrome warning; it is BS. People can successfully lose weight by restricting calories.

How to loose belly fat fast?

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So I’m trying to workout and loose some fat around my waist area in order to fit a dress for my confirmation in about 2 weeks. My waist is 29 inch and I wanted to loose at least 2 inches. I’ve been eating three meals a day with one snack. For breakfast I would eat something small like a banana or an orange, for... show more

Best answer: yes it is