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My boyfriend is 20 and will not eat any fruit or veg, including things like most beans/pulses, avocados, sweet potatoes, and sweetcorn. I include these specifically because people have previously recommended these as "tasty" veg that may change his mind. Cooked, raw, roasted with a ton of BBQ seasoning,... show more

Can't sleep? What to do?

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Been trying for 2 hours not working very well

Best answer: I wouldn't say it's a way of life :) I used to exercise every day, haven't done so in years... getting back on track though. Two times a week now, if I start recovering faster, I will increase the amount of times a week :)

Is it healthy to avoid alcohol?

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Best answer: Yes. Some say red wine is healthy but your Better off just eating red grapes.

Best answer: Liposuction.

For example: toast for breakfast, salad for lunch, pasta for dinner. Repeat the process for the rest of my life.

Gluten free diets are on the rise even with people who are not intolerant to it. Especially with vegans. Why?

Getting off of caffeine question?

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I drink about 1 and a half cups of coffee a day in the morning. Can I slowly start drinking less and less for example 1 cup and then a couple days later go to 3/4 a cup then half and so on to get off of caffeine? I’m trying to wean off so I don’t get any crazy withdrawal symptoms. If I can I want to do this until... show more

Not like bodybuilder huge, but enough to impress people?

How many pounds overweight are you?

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Best answer: Not. ~Aizen

I am 15 pounds. Is that normal?

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I’m an 18 year old female, 5’4 and 106 lbs. I am aiming for a weight of 95 lbs and yes that might be a little under average but I feel like I wouldn’t feel as bad about myself

Why am I fat?

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I eat healthy and work out. I play softball. I NEVER eat school lunches and just eat a salad. I've looked in every website, every hack, and I'm still overweight. I weigh 180 as a 5'2 15 year old

Reason I’m asking is because when you have food in your stomach you tend to burn glycogen stores than fat . I want burn my fat. How much cardio should I do to compensate if the answer is yes ? Thank you 🙏

If I eat one meal each day of 500 calories on monday-friday but on weekends allow myself to eat what I want within moderation as long as it doesn't exceed my TDEE could this help weight loss? Is it an unhealthy way to lose weight? How drastic will changes be?

BMI? is it accurate?

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Is BMI accurate?

How to get your abs to show?

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