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I am getting my wisdom teeth removed soon. My surgeon told me I will be a little awake so I can move my head and stuff, but he said it will be like "taking a nap." I am afraid because my neighbor told me she was partially awake for her wisdom teeth removal and she could hear the tools and such and it was... show more

So my husband noticed a red bump about the size of a poppy seed on his gums about 3 days ago. Now it's slightly bigger and has now become extremely painful, hard and white. Also, there is an indent the size of his pinky tip above it in his gums. (Sorry about the pic quality. I cropped it to zoom way in) Does... show more

Bumps in mouth?

4 answers · 6 hours ago
I’ve noticed them recently they are on both sides of my inner cheek they do not hurt

I’m getting my wisdom teeth taken out soon and I’m super nervous. How bad was the pain?

Ok here s the story. I was staying at my grandpa s house while my mom was in the hospital. I had brought everything I needed. Extra clothes, pajamas, my drawing supplies, my medicine, and my toothbrush and toothpaste. I must ve accidentally left my toothbrush and toothpaste there. It s been a week and I still haven... show more

Best answer: You won't have problems with your teeth.

me and my friend are arguing weather or not it is weird to chew gum and give someone any type of smooch. She says it is normal and any type of kiss is fine because it s "just" gum. i feel like its like chewing a mouth full of food and therefore weird. help.

Best answer: This isn't your fault, it should have been your mother's responsibility to make sure your oral care was done and to teach you the proper habits. Go and buy teeth whiteners, you could also use baking soda as a winter once a week as well. This should be easily able to find in your house.

Wisdom teeth recovery?

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I just got all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled this (friday) morning and I got home around 12:00 in the afternoon, I’m scheduled for work monday morning. Will I be ok to work by then?

I am in year 9 and my teeth are pretty messed up. I am definitely going to get braces some point in my life and I would like it to be sooner rather than later. My mum doesn't want to pay as much as it costs ( I understand it is very expensive ) I am willing to pay 300 dollars for it and it be my birthday... show more

Best answer: Go back to the dentist. They need to fix it. You would feel nerve pain, that would keep you up at night. I don't think you need a root canal.

Over the summer,I was googling various Jaw problems. Ever since, I have been having on and off jaw tremors. They've been progressively getting better, but they still occur from time to time when my jaw is at rest. Someone help. Months ago it was really bad, but now there are times where I could go days with no... show more

Do you like the dentist?

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What tjey put in ypur mouth tastes like crap. It makes me sick.

I just came back from dentist as I was having bad pain in my wisdom tooth due to a hole.. She said it has an infection and something about the nerve damaged so she said it need to be removed.. I was happy for that... She numbed it. Tried to remove it then stopped half way saying she can't.. So I have half a... show more