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If humans need meat to survive, how are vegans alive?

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What kind of food is eaten the most?

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What should I have for breakfast?

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Best answer: Consume mass quantities of grid-like breakfast slabs, extruded mammal tailings, seared strips of swine flesh, and flattened chicken embryos. You will enjoy it.

The ice cream is too cold I can’t eat it ?

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What do I do

i use white sugar flour almond milk butter and one egg

What is your favorite kind of dessert?

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My new favorite is this apple crisp cooked in the slow cooker, with a type of oatmeal topping my dad has been making lately, it is so delicious with vanilla ice cream

How to make broccoli soup?

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Do you think a french fry vending machine is a good idea?

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Would type of beer do you drink?

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Best answer: Firstly .. never boil an egg straight from the fridge. It's the sudden change in temperature as the water heats up that makes it crack. You can help by pricking a hole in one end of the egg but you don't really need to. Put "room temperature" eggs into "room temperature" water (so that... show more

It's weird that I'm 19 and have never gotten drunk or even tasted alcohol?

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Best answer: Its totally fine, im 28 and have never drank did drugs party etc. i would rather do other stuff then that. Dont feel the pressure that lifestyle can eat you alive fast so stay far away from it in my opinion.

Favorite mac and cheese recipe?

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Best answer: I prefer making them myself out of flour eggs and milk.

Can you cook an orange?

22 answers · Cooking & Recipes · 3 days ago
Best answer: Yes, I have a recipe that consists of boneless pork ribs, sliced onions, baby carrots, garlic and orange wedges (with rind) that is to die for. With a little BBQ sauce added, the moisture from the onions and oranges create a sauce that ends up tenderizing the meat in an hour's time of cooking, so much, you do... show more

and if you have throw away leftover food its a waste right?

What is the best beer out there?

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My husband loves beer and our anniversary is coming up. I don’t have any ideas of what to get him so why not get him what he loves - beer. What’s the most amazing beer out there?

What’s a good dessert cookbook for a kid?

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My niece turns 11 soon and she really likes making cakes and cookies and other dessert type things. I wanted to get her some kind of cookbook that’ll give her full recipes as well as teaching her things like how to make her own frostings or ganache and things like that. What’s a good cookbook that would teach her... show more