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The Historian Simon Schama has achieved a First Class honours degree with Double Stars at Cambridge University. He is now a Professor of History at Coloumbia University; but not everyone with a First Class degree would choose to have an academic career, since academics are not necessarily the top earners. True or... show more

I'm in my final year of high school. a lot of the males want to enlist in the military. how come females dont as well?

I'm a 14 year old female and I discovered porn when I was 10. I watched a few videos and liked it but I knew it was wrong so I stopped. I recently started watching again and I like it. I feel like its wrong for me to watch it, let alone like it, because of my age and gender. Is it bad? Is it okay? Are girls my... show more

Best answer: Education still wouldn't be equal - a better thing would be to ensure that ALL state schools are given the same funding and can compete on equal footing with private schools. Otherwise, better off people will just use tutors, and still have an advantage.

1)there should be an option where you can take a single standardized test at the age of 14 and pass high school with it. and universities have to accept it as a high school diploma 2)put every child mark on a piece of paper in front of the class for everyone to see and rank them from top to bottom. 3) eliminate... show more

Why is swearing considered bad?

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Best answer: lol Because people in the past considered them bad. That's why "a$s" which means donkey... is considered a bad word. "Bxtch" is a word for a female dog. "Fvck" is an abbreviation for "For unlawful carnal knowledge." These words aren't bad when you understand... show more

Best answer: My guess is that you only study when you need to. So when you don't study, it's something that you have down, anyway. When you do study, it's not enough, and not quality enough for the subject, which is why you got C's. Would have been D's or worse with no studying. Just improve studying in... show more

Best answer: Golf course maintenance.

Best answer: It's all about PR. If it got back to any kid's parents that the teacher wasn't a perfectly upstanding individual in ever way, then some lady named Carol or Susan would be in the office giving the administrators an earful about hiring bimbos and drug dealers and people off the street. People in the... show more

About a month ago I moved to a new school and I hate it. This is my 4th high school already, my district only has 4 high schools so this is my last one I can go to. I have a problem at every school I go to, no one ever likes me, people always have a problem with me whether it’s the way I look, dress, walk, talk,... show more

Best answer: There were private tutors for those with enough money to hire them, and the Bible for everyone else. Communities sometimes got together and hired a teacher for their kids, but they only were taught the equivalent of some of elementary school. A lot of people were illiterate, and not all that long ago.

Best answer: I was the weed distributor.

Best answer: "Personnal issues" No school official wanna touch "Personnal issues".

Why do I keep failing??

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Ok, so this is my last year of high school and I’m so stressed out!! I have AP math and I study so hard and I understand everything, but as soon as I start the test, my mind goes blank. I hate continuously failing even when I try so hard. With the marks that I’ve been getting, no university would want me. I hate... show more