Special Education's questions - Spanish iziqna

Best answer: True. I had many that hated me. Certainly most of them.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDR7YbKF... I bet that no one on the Left is capable of doing it. Instead they will just say the guy in the video has no idea what he is talking about and they are right and he is wrong

Best answer: The ones that watch conservative “media”, trumptards ans many others

Why are Liberal men so feminine ?

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Best answer: Many Liberal Men aspire to be Women.

and you understand there is no going back

Was Trump elected POTUS illegally?

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Best answer: No, and I don't know of anyone claiming he was. However that doesn't excuse violations of the law, if he illegally paid hush money to protect his campaign and failed to report it as a campaign expenditure, then if he conspired with subordinates to lie about it to the FBI and Congress, he has committed a... show more

Best answer: Same as last time you posted, you're an idiot.

It's perfectly moral in the middle east to still murder non criminals by public stoning...

Why were we taken off the gold standard??

Why are Connie's so racist?

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