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Wouldn't you rather be like me and have thousands of dollars saved up at age 22 instead of student loan debt?

Best answer: Maybe our robot overlords will succeed in making the world a better place.

What is the point in going into 200k in debt for a degree in art history or anthropology. I have seen countless times these students end up working at Starbucks or at a bonique restaurant waiting tables part time ruined financially for 20-30 years

I’m 17 in 11th grade right now and I’m going to be looking at colleges next year. I plan on majoring in forensic science. From what I’ve heard, college basically takes up all free time you have...is that true?? As of now, I’m high school, I always get my work done super fast, get good grades and have a lot of free... show more

Best answer: The reality is the very few high school/teenage romances end in marriage. As a result, it is wise for a student to select the university that best fits them in terms of academic, culture, cost, and opportunities. You will never know if you'd still have married your wife even if you'd selected a more... show more

Where emphasis is place on giving the students the education where when they graduate they can go out and start a career instead being indoctrinated in liberal ideology and getting an education in which there is no demand for.

Should I email my teacher ?

7 answers · 11 hours ago
I wrote a terrible essay for my online English class because I was very busy and decided to wait until the last minute. I feel that the teacher will think that I'm stupid and a bad student. I thought about explaining to the teacher the reason why my essay was terrible but I'm not sure if its a good idea.... show more

I have a 1.7 right now and it is the spring semester of my sophomore year. I am taking 4 classes that are all worth 3 credits. If I get an A-, C, B-, B- then will that give me the .3 boost i need to get a 2.0. I actually want to transfer. But thats another problem. Fall deadlines are next month for most colleges... show more

How to drop all my classes?

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Im already failing one of my classes and the homework is too hard for another class. I dont think college is for me. How to properly drop my classes? and will i get my money back?