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How can you not afford college these days with all that financial aid and scholarships? Maybe they should start excelling in school.

i’m gonna ask my counselor but i wanted to know now and then i’ll make sure

Hi, I am currently a jr in high school. I have a 4.1 GPA and 1420 SAT. I want to go to a good state school like U of Michigan or UNC, schools of that tier. With my credentials, I have a good chance of those schools. I want Study pre med and go to med school, but I want to save some money for undergrad. I am... show more

To the college who didn’t accept you? I’m very scared of rejection.

Missed classes due to depression, anxiety, and bipolar episodes. I have documentation stating that I was not well during my absences. Offered to make up missed assignments earlier in the semester but professor said no. However he let a fellow student of mine make up assignments because she was leaving town for a... show more

Hi, I am graduating HS and will be attending Michigan State University for pre-med. I really want to get into med school and become a doctor, it has been my goal since I was a young teen. I have volunteered 100 plus hours at our local hospital since 9th grade. I was wondering if this volunteer experience would... show more

My first year of college was probably the worst year of my life so far. I had no motivation to do my work and when I did I couldn t focus. I found myself going out to party more than I would ve liked to and had the craziest roommate who was verbally abusive and psychotic. I went way too hard my first semester... show more

I’ve just transferred my credits from the community college I used to attend to a 4 year university. Also, the amount of credits I transferred over was 28. I’m 20 years old and my graduation class should be Class of 2020 but I don’t think I would be able to get enough credits to graduate by then.

I’m a junior in high school and when I was a freshman, I had a really bad algebra teacher and I didn’t really learn anything. I hope I can’t retake a course when I am in college.

Why should I go to college ?

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Convince me

Best answer: People on this website are very pessimistic and negative. If you have a positive relationship with this teacher, or if the teacher knows you to be a student that consistently shows up to class and makes an effort, it wouldn’t hurt to try. Email the professor to request an appointment to meet in person regarding... show more

Best answer: That is a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. Better luck after say, a hundred years?

So I'm attempting to get into graduate school to obtain a Master's degree. I've been out of undergrad for 2.5 years after graduation. Been in law school for 2 of those years, but decided to leave after realizing that law isn't a career I want to fully commit myself to. So the past 3 months, I've... show more

Isn't college stupid?

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Best answer: Yes. It's largely unecessary from a learner's perspective and, as another commenter stated, it contributes A LOT to inequality.

So I just graduated from college, I got my bachelor degree in Translation and Linguistics. My GPA is 4/4, I really worked hard on it, I enjoyed my major while studying it so much I don’t think that I’d have enjoyed any other major as much. The problem is that after graduation many people told me things like “if I... show more

Homework help!?

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True/False: “Truth is mostly subjective” Briefly explain why you choose your answer