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Do i tip the waitress?

16 answers · 3 days ago
Okay so I walked into Steak and Shake thinking that it was like mcdonalds where you order and then sit down. I did not think it was a restaurant with a waitress and everything. So I told them that I would like my food to go instead of for here and now i’m kinda sitting here awkwardly... Do I tip the waitress when... show more

Best answer: https://www.bonefishgrill.com/dinner-menu/wood-grilled-fish Here is the menu. They do serve steak and chicken.

Has anyone ate out a Panera Bread?

18 answers · 5 days ago
Panera Bread is one of these bakery and fast casual restaurants. But I never ate at one those places. But if anyone has, please tell me about your experience and tell me how good the food was.

I was in a nice restaurant, when I noticed a dog under a table. The owner got up & went to the salad bar & the dog followed. I complained to the waiter that took no action. So, I got up & left without paying. What's with people?

Best answer: Restaurants are obligated to warn you that consuming undercooked or raw shellfish or proteins may be hazardous to your health. Personally, I believe eating undercooked hamburger is especially hazardous considering any infecting organisms present on the outside of the flesh before it is ground is mixed throughout... show more

Booth vs Table?

8 answers · 3 days ago
I have always wondered why people dining in restaurants always seem to prefer a booth to a table. Nine times out of ten, when I hear a hostess ask for a customer's preference, they want a booth. And I have often seen people, after being led to a table, insist on being switched to a booth. Or sometimes they... show more

Restaurant bill?!?!?!?

18 answers · 6 days ago
If my restaurant bill is 11.89, then I add a 5.00 tip equals 16.89. I only have a debit card can I ask server to take 16.89 off my card or do I have to round it to the nearest whole number like 17 or 20 dollars?

Best answer: Canadian bacon is just american ham

How clean is that kitchen?

6 answers · 6 days ago
Best answer: You can certainly draw some parallels between the cleanliness of those two locations. It sounds as though you have a wise practice.

Right now, I’m thinking the Cheesecake Factory, Melting Pot, Buffalo Wild Wings, Dave & Buster’s, Olive Garden, or this local Cajun restaurant (can’t think of the name right now). It’s probably just going to be my mom & I since I don’t have friends (2 maybe?) & not a lot of family over here. Oh, and I’m... show more

Best answer: U can eat wherever u want. Since they messed up first time it makes sense u wanted something else. Since u get credit in the future, just go back soon. Thats all.

I'm Asian and working inside a chinsee dine in restaurant. We provide perfect service and have their correct orders. Yet, some will do anything, ANYTHING to not leave a tip. Such as denying their orders "I didn't order shirmp fried rice i ordered shrimp lom mein!" When we clearly heard him. This... show more

can i reuse them as long as i still have money left on the card? - lets say i have 50$ on the card, and i only spent 25$, can i use that card again at another day for the remaining 25$?

What does “ Going Dutch” mean?

19 answers · 3 weeks ago

Best answer: After working there I wouldn’t really eat it. At least not late in the day. All the hamburgers that stay too long on the grill they put in a drawer. And I mean they don’t put them in the drawer till they’re shriveling up. Then they stay in a heat drawer for hours, maybe till the end of the day. They then either... show more

Best answer: Because it's not about what Americans want, it's about what HE wants. You haven't figured that out yet?

At a local pizza place, I placed my order for pizza and ordered a drink (planning on eating there that night) then sat down. A while after I ordered (probably enough time for them to have got my pizza beyond started), the guy working there brought over my drink then says "you know we're doing to-go only,... show more