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Am I a mean person for not tipping?

11 answers · 23 hours ago
So I ordered a carry out order at Olive Garden and I payed with my card and the girl told me to fill out the receipt and for the tip I didn’t put anything because I wasn’t dining in or anything but then when she picked it up and looked at the receipt she looked a little sad and it made me feel bad lol was it bad to... show more

I prefer to eat out rather than in and I'm looking to expand my palate as well as my horizons.

The youngest in our little friend group is 13, while the oldest is only 14. We would bring enough money to pay for everything and tip. Can we eat at Olive Garden with no adult supervision? If you need anymore info, just ask.

Have you eaten at the Wahlburgers?

9 answers · 1 week ago
the hamburger of the Wahlberg brothers! did you like it? Would you recommend me?

China? Do they have Pizza Hut, McDonald's and such or are all restaurants like the Chinese restaurants in America?

Best answer: You could follow the other tippers at the restaurants and see how much they tip

Best answer: Some restaurants donate excess food to charity, but if a representative from a charity does not show up at closing time, the restaurant will need to dump perfectly good food because of food safety/hygiene laws.

The Viscous Pig good name for a bar?

14 answers · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Fabulous, but why not in French to make it look classy - Porc Visqueux. Like the bar in Paris called Lapin Agile - the nimble rabbit.

Best answer: Because as taxes, rent, and labor costs rise, prices go up everywhere. Anytime you see 'New & Improved' on a box of something, it frequently means less for more. Prices will jump if $15 becomes the minimum wage.

Best answer: I'm one of those people who really like it. I will say that the fries are a little soft, so the way to order them is well-done (yes, they even have a button on the register for that). I also don't think animal style is that great. I go for a double-double with grilled onions (avoiding the mustard cooked... show more

Can a waitress do this?

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My daughter and I went to a diner for breakfast. This was a new diner that we've never tried before and we wanted to try it because it got good reviews. My daughter absolutely LOVES mocha coffee, like mocha lattes and mocha frappuccinos. What happened was at the diner, we had a very cold, rude waitress. My... show more

You order at the counter but they bring you the food

It's my mom's birthday and she's taking me, my dad, and my 5 siblings to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner but I heard it's super expensive and it's stressing me out that it'll be over 500$ just for us to eat there.