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I am in deep financial debt and want to cut back as much as I can. Truth be told, I can live fairly simply. My uncle has an old RV he'd love to get rid of, I could get solar panels, buy a compostable toilet, and land out in the country is dirt cheap. I was thinking I could buy an acre, park it back off the... show more

I’ve literally been here for 6 hours with chronic sinusitis and someone who came in AFTER me with a “my elbow hurts” complaint is going in before me.. she’s been here for less than an hour!! The NHS is absolute garbage. I’m still sitting here like a clown sick asf but everyone else is getting help.

I'm wokring with a real estate agency to build a brand new home, and now 6 months in, I kinda just want to walk away. First my house was supposed to be completed in September, but since it's a new sub division they were too busy and overbooked so my house was barely started in September. My agent, who is... show more

My father bought a house under a mortgage. The mortgage is under his name. I live with him. My question is Since I am his son, after my father's death, would I be able to pay the mortgage and own the house eventually? Thanks

He’s asked me to move in with him because he knows I’m struggling to pay my rent and we want to buy a house together. He wants me to still put aside $400 a week for our house savings ( he will be saving too) but rather then us putting our savings into a joint account, he wants to put it on his mortgage instead (... show more

paying rent for those 3 years since he not legaly dead the property wont go to anyone till hes declared dead so shouldnt i as tenent not have to pay rent just curious no danger

I plan to move out after christmas, but he is demanding I sign a lease immediately that would run through july. I don't want to be on the hook for my mom's rent through july when I won't be here. If I just flat out refuse, but he is still getting rent will he be able to evict me before the new year? ... show more

Best answer: You have a stronger bargaining position if you can pay cash in full. The primary benefit to a seller is it eliminates the waiting time involved in getting and closing a mortgage loan. Your benefit is you avoid the costs of getting a mortgage, which can be as much as 3% of the loan amount. It would be foolish to get... show more

My landlord haven't given me a lease since march of 2018. I'm moving out in November, I don't want to pay because It haven't been a month since I last payed him. I will pay him for the half month I've lived here. Im just wondering if he can send eviction?

our income is around 750 to 800 a week our rent is 800 a month. how much money should I save from each check to pay rent at the end of the month?

Best answer: RE sales are a negation process. Buyer (or the buyer's RE agent or real estate attorney on behalf of buyer) makes an offer. If buyer & seller can agree on sales price & terms, they have a contract of sale drawn up, sign it, and proceed with the sale/purchase. It's always better to have a third party who is... show more

Best answer: Increasing your income this way should not hurt you in the least as you are maintaining your job, salary, benefits, etc. You're just adding to income. But don't boost spending now! No new car, no furniture splurge for the new house, etc. Stick all earnings from Job #2 into savings for now. Build assets... show more

Best answer: To answer this question you first must make a monthly budget of your expenses. Things like how much rent you will pay, how much utilities will cost you, food, gas, etc.. Get your parents help on this because there are more expenses involved than you are consciously aware of that must be included. Then multiply... show more

Service dog info?

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I rent a room in my landlords home currently, we share the rest of the house together including bathroom and kitchen. I was diagnosed with a disability recently and it was suggested that I get a service dog, the dog is being trained currently but it doesn’t stay with me yet. I brought it up with the landlord and he... show more

I'm on my own and don't have any experience with land or real estate. I have found some tiny homes for under $30,000. I'm looking at land parcels on Zillow for $25,000. How does plumbing work in this situation? How much does it cost to have plumbing installed? What about electricity? Can I put a prefab... show more