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I need 50 thousands dollars within 2 months, what can i do to make this amount?

I have a bank account that I took off my account online, just for them to STILL charge me $40 2 weeks later. How do I get them to stop billing that bank account? It is getting annoying! They have my routing number, account number, and card number? How do I get my bank account off of the billing account, so that... show more

I’m scared she’ll put me on child support I have 2 kids with her. I’m not a bad dad I’m living with them buy food pay the bills at the moment but soon will leave because she said she don’t want to be with me anymore and talks to a guy she says is a friend n want no relationship. I agreed I will pay her 400 a month... show more

In the past I would have had at least $2,500 to make a down payment because I had saved a lot of money and I was always afraid to spend it because I wanted to buy a house (we are currently renting). But for various reasons we ended up having to spend that money, mostly for car repairs since my husband had to... show more

Someone hit me on the highway while we were stopped during traffic. Damage didn’t seem too bad, only some scratches and you can see the metal. It was entirely his fault, but I’d rather not get other parties involved. I have all his information and phone number. Can I ask him to just buy me an amazon giftcard as a... show more

Easy solution.

Best answer: If they approve your loan, yes you can do that.

Something isn't adding up. I have someone who says that they have an out of state personal check and that he can only cash a personal check at a bank that he is a member of. His bank is USAA bank and they do not have any local branches so he can not cash it but shouldn't he be able to deposit it?? This... show more

When will they pay me?

10 answers · 4 days ago
i started work on the 20th. pay day is every 10 and 25 of every month. they still haven’t paid me. i get direct deposit. all my coworkers got paid today except me. it’s been almost 3 weeks.

Best answer: That's why you save - so you have money for emergencies.

Bank gave me wrong checks?

6 answers · 2 days ago
the bank gave me checks with my name on them but with somebody elses routing and account number so it was taking out of somebody elses account for the past 2 years and now they want me to pay back the money but i didnt make the typo on the check and wasnt aware that this was happening what do i do?

How to earn money ?

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