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What about gold?

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Not sure how I can get it back in the next two weeks

Through a trade, I have wound up with roughly 70 ounces of silver. I have never been the precious metal hoarder type, as I figure bullets and a supply of food and water would serve me far better than anything else if society collapses, so I don't know what I should do with the silver. Should I stick it away... show more

I heard you cannot buy and sell the same stock within the same year (is it calendar or 365?). I just did that, but it was a unique situation. I have an IRA and a non-IRA investment account. I sold shares of a stock in the non-IRA this year. But, I just bought shares of the same stock (3 months later) in my IRA.... show more

Best answer: There is no way of knowing what will happen in the future so all answers are, at best, educated guesses. As a general rule higher priced collectables are more likely to go up in value. My guess is that Apple stock will be a better investment.

I trade Using Fid., but Bank acct. NOT showing up

I recently started trading stocks, but I only have a small account. Does anyone know a stock that could go from $1-$100 within the course of a year?

My mother has money in the fund...I want in but I don t have $100,000. Can she gift me one share and will that give me access and not have to buy $100,000?

I m looking to maximize the returns I can get from my stock trading program. How can I get access to more capital to do so?