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Getting out of debt?

9 answers · 16 hours ago
I have $11000 invested in stocks. I get a 200 dividend every quarter. I'm trying to eliminate other debt now that adds up to $14000. Would it be a good idea to pull my money from the stocks to pay off two of the three Bill's? Ones a car payment others for braces with no interest and third is a credit card... show more

I want to invest $10K in poultry ?

10 answers · 1 day ago
My chicken will lay eggs and more chicken will come out of these eggs and like a compound interest my chicken count will reach millions and I will retire rich ! Do you guys think this is a good idea ?

Best answer: In my upper sixties and retired. My pension and Social Security exceed my normal monthly expenses,, About 60% stock and 40% savings and money market accounts.

I live in Virginia. Recently we lost a family member. This person had a stock investment and it was given to us via her will. I ve never owned stocks before. I don t know how this works. I understand that if i sell the stock and take the money, then of course i have to pay taxes on it. But what if i leave the stock... show more

Military thrift savings plan?

6 answers · 3 days ago
I m trying to figure out if i should start investing in the TSP or not, as of right now i don t plan on serving for 20 years, I understand that not fulfilling the 20 years i won t recieve all the benefits, but is it still worth investing in? And if so why?

Best answer: Me too. I am quad racial. I like that I confuse people.

Best answer: Be the best @ what you do. Then you will just be part of the elite instead of 'not a man'.

In other wards I want to learn. Thanks for looking into it.

HI! Question: I know that pulling contributions from your Roth IRA is not subject to a fee. So, this year I started my first IRA. I put it in about 200 a month. In December, I was afraid of the market volatility, and decided to take out some of my contributions, to be safe. Here is where it gets a bit... show more

banks only insure $250k. Other then stocks and real estate, what else is there to invest?

Best answer: Invest as much as you can in a broad market, low-fee mutual fund, like VFIAX. You might get a compounded average annual return of 8.50%, but the historical return is more like 11%. Reinvest the distributions and never take any money out of it. Invest $100,000 per year, and you should have $1 million in less that... show more

Best answer: yes, but that will never happen.

I want to buy stock in Shadow Tech, a cloud-based gaming company. Its owned by the Blade SAS group. Ive been using the Robinhood broker app to buy and sell stocks. My problem is I cant find this company or group listed on the market. Why would that be?

( very small amount), I only made $ 7.26 profit, I forgot about it until now. Do I need to file taxes for $7? I have no idea how, but I do know it was reported. I haven't heard anything about it, and I think TurboTax wants me to upgrade to premium and pay a whole bunch of money in order to file a return on it.... show more

Best answer: I buy stocks. They pay dividends. I buy more stocks with the dividends. Occasionally I'll sell one or a company will buy out one of my holdings but usually that's it, just let it build up.