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I'm a stay at home mom and my boyfriend works. I'm going to my bank today to apply for a credit card that we really need to fix our furnace. I have good credit from paying off my car and my boyfriend doesn't have great credit so I'm going to apply for the card (never had a credit card before) so we... show more

Best answer: (Some) rich people use their money to get even more money at the expense of poor people. They pay congresspeople to change laws in ways that benefit the rich. For example, income from investment is taxed at half the rate of earned income. Corporate managers take huge salaries while cutting their employees'... show more

I got called by a scam number, I didn’t know because he claimed to be an agent from a company I purchased from. He asked for my full name which unfortunately I gave to him. Then he asked for my birthday which I also gave to him. Then he asked for my full credit card number which I also gave to him ); and finally my... show more

I got pre-approved for a pre-approved credit card with first premier for $300. I don't really have credit so I was thinking about accepting the offer, but only using the card for emergency purposes only. Will I still have to pay a bill during the months that I don't use it?

Best answer: 1,000

Best answer: if you own the home then you may be able to use the equity to get the $$ needed

How can I improve my credit rating?

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I work on a restaurant and was told by an employee that tips I make from credit cards are taken out of my check. At the end of each night, I’m given cash for my credit card tips. I know that they are taxed, but do they really come out of my bi-weekly pay? To me that doesn’t make any sense. For example, at then end... show more

How does credit work ?

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I’m 17, and turn 18 in February and I was wondering does credit start high, low or average and go from there? What would be a good way to build credit? Simple thing like paying off a cellphone? Or what ?

I took out an overdraft, less then a month ago and I need to pay it back soon but I cant.

Best answer: They don't travel.. so it would be filed in the state your address on the bill was. You don't have to go to court, if you don't you automatically lose the case and they get their judgment. If you go you can fight it, but if you owe it you still lose so most don't even go.

Best answer: You could, but that would be up to the agent who accepts your payment.

Hello! I have co-signed on a auto loan and the car was totaled in a flood. The insurance company advised that the loan would be paid off due to the natural disaster. The auto loan company is still reporting the loan as a charge off- bad debt- fixed rate. Does anyone know what this means? What steps should I take... show more

Best answer: Most banks don't allow you to withdraw funds that aren't in the account regardless of whether you have overdraft protection. Overdraft protection just lets the bank cover checks if you go over.. it doesn't allow you to spend more than they know you have. As for the money you deposited it usually takes... show more