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I financed a mattress using my Amex card at the mattress store, but they sent me a new credit card with a limit of $5000 credit line for future use that I did not ask. Now I'm losing few points from my credit score. I don't want to use the card. Can I shred it without closing it? Thanks

How to raise credit score?

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I ve never had a credit car or anything before but of course I know i need one so I applied for a credit card and they denied me but said they would tell me later in 10 days. So i applied to another one and they told me I was denied because i have too many inquiries. So if i can t get a credit card how can I build... show more

This is America so anything is possible. My credit score clocked in at 379. Figure that's good enough for new mortgage. Who would be good bank to go?

Best answer: The only time I have had a limit lowered was with a card I had not used in years. I have little to no concern that any of my cards would do that to me. Particularly the ones I use regularly. Its just not good business. Besides, 99% of the time, $500 would be plenty for me.

Car finance?

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Is it possible/ where can I get finance as a 17 year old?

Can I do this?

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Best answer: This is from an advice article I wrote for people in credit card debt over their heads: "If you can afford to make a single large payment you can settle for 25-40% of the debt. Contact them and ask them how much they will settle for. Make them a counter offer of around 1/3 of that or 1/4 of your debt. Tell... show more

I spent $500 on my parents credit cards combined. They ve found the purchases and reported it as fraud as they do not know that I did it. I want to own up but everytime I try I can t seem to get it out. I m not sure what to do. Please help

Best answer: The most important thing is to avoid talking to the collection agency on the phone. You should pay it in whatever way you can without talking to the collection agency on the phone. You should not ask the collection agency because if a collection agency says on the phone that it will be removed, then it probably... show more

Just want to know my balance?

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Is 657 a good credit score?

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Best answer: good is 700, fair is 640-699

If I win the lottery and I decide to put $2M in their CD account, $1M in savings and $100k in my checking. If I tell them I want to be first in line, not put on hold when I call in, do you think they can make it so when I call I am automatically transferred to some one to help me without waiting

Does this mean it should work?

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i got my debit card yesterday and today i tried to use it but it got declined. i have money on it and everything. i called and they said it should be activated. does this mean i can use it?

How much payment in credit cards?

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