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Best answer: Making false accusations against men is a fairly common and politically correct way to make their life hell or ruin their career, no evidence needed.

How to ask for more hours at work?

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I’m a senior is college. I’ve been working at my current minimum wage job for the past 2 years. We get paid $8.25 plus tips which is usually like $2 a shift sometimes more. I work in an ice cream shop in my city and we get pretty busy. I’ve never really ever hit it off with my boss. I can tell I’m not the... show more

Is there anything wrong with being quiet at work ?

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As most people I know , go to work don’t talk to anyone and just do there job . Is there anything wrong with that , I feel it’s the best way to avoid problems , to avoid anything . Silence means you just don’t want the headaches ...another reason is being I feel certain people whom I work with are fake to my face... show more

I get paid by the install. Is it legal? I’m still in their system as an employee, so they haven’t fired me.

Question about Job interview!! Please help?

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Long story short, I have BA in Finance and am applying to be a Banker next Monday. My question is, I was planning on saying, "I have no family of own and no other activies, which is why I 'll be able to work 7 days a week if needed". The problem is, do you think saying that will backfire or help... show more

How do I deal with a nosy co-worker?

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Best answer: I have the solution for you. First, you need to be a bit more strong with this Fallopian Tube. Just tell him, that there are other hobbies than paying too much attention to fellow workers. Tell him to use his golden touch and look after his own work load while the rest of us are looking out for ours. Be strong... show more

My roommate lost her job and hasn’t told me?

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My roommate does not know that I know about this. Ten days ago (January 3) she found out that her work (a retail store) was closing. I accidentally found out 8 days ago (January 5) by her coworker, who let the news slip. Her coworker told me that they had 2-3 weeks (max) left on the job. My roommate hasn’t... show more

Sixty three lost job of fourty years?

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I’m sixty three and just lost my job of fourty years. I was hoping to retire at sixty seven. I have a pension. My wife thinks I will lose my pension because I was laid off. Is this correct? I feel like she’s misinformed. Will finding work at sixty three be a challenge for me due to age?

I like the company I work for now and would prefer to stay there rather than start from scratch with another organization.

Do I have any options to get my paid vacation time?

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I have been working for my current employer since May 2017. Im a great employee only called out once. In June of 2018 I paid for a non refundable trip to France and it just so happened that my two week notice dates coincided with the dates of my trip. Now my job is refusing to give my paid vacation time. I have 118... show more

Best answer: How you should negotiate depends on whether or not you're willing to take less than $23 to work at your preferred choice. If you're not willing to take less, your negotiation is easy. You politely and respectfully say that you're looking for $23. They'll either match it or they won't. ... show more

Best answer: I think it's pretty lame to serve a bunch of successful athletes that crap especially when it's readily available on every street corner. Just because they're young adults doesn't mean they think McDonald's is anything special. They're not six year olds. And it's in incredibly... show more

Putting a job on resume.?

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I am currently employed at an office supply store and have been for around 5 months. I am 17 and this is my first job. I am thinking about not giving notice and leaving the job. It is effecting my mental health and it is a struggle to get transportation. I talked to my manager about leaving but didn’t give an... show more

Why do be throw around the term JOB so loosely?

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These days people use the word job to describe their occupation and oftentimes get the two confused. When someone ask me what my job is I tell them I don t have one, and they look at me like I am a piece of **** or unemployed, but when someone ask me what I do for a living then I will gladly answer sales and... show more

How do I let my job know I’m quitting and I’ve found another job?

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Is not having medical benefits a good reason to leave a job?

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Best answer: Yes. In fact it is THE reason I left my last job. Before, if I got sick, I had to just ride it out because I couldn’t afford a doctor visit. I was very fortunate to never get injured or have a serious illness

Is this my fault at work?

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Best answer: Tell everyone that the people exhibited strange and suspicious behavior, that they came off as border-line criminal and you did not know their intentions but personally did not accommodate them. Then tell them that no job is worth being hurt by suspicious people and that you were hired as a a clerk not a security... show more

Do companies hiring delivery drivers verify insurance?

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Best answer: You don't drive until you have insurance in place........ and of course companies will check your insurance and if you are using your own car then you need business insurance and provide them with a copy of the business insurance