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Do part time jobs let you decide the days and time of a work you want to work?

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Best answer: It depends upon the company but probably most do NOT let you pick the days and times you work. Offices are probably more flexible than retail. Some will allow you to pick the days you want to work but not the # of hours each day. My sister works part-time but must work every day and they determine the hours she... show more

I feel like physical jobs are the worst jobs to have. Do you agree or disagree?

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Best answer: i think so too and thats why i dont do thern

Yes or no: Thank you cards for job interviews?

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Best answer: It would not hurt

How much do you make an hour?

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How do I prove to my friends that I have a job?

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Best answer: If your friends think you can "just walk up in there and start making food'. then I'm not sure anything you do or say will convince them. They sound like idiots.

She chose me for a job opportunity they get and then sent me an email saying: “Hi, Just to let you know i have competed the application form for you and it will be taken to the employer on Friday this week. Best of luck with your interviews tomorrow Kind regards” When I attended it a guy who works with her... show more

I'm going to ask on Monday. Does that sound outrageous if they expect a suit and tie everyday?

Help! Husband flirting with Minor & I’m her boss!!!?

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Best answer: Why would "you" be the one fired when it is the 15 year old whose behavior is so grossly appropriate? You should report her and tell them that you will deal with your husband. Later, tell him that you reported the slut to HR and if he doesn't want to go to prison for contributing to the delinquency... show more

Is this the way people are at work?

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I'n a young person and I've never had a job before. I'm assuming that people at work don't care about becoming friends with anyone and they just want to get the job done. Is that correct?

Can semi truck drivers really make over $60,000 per year?

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If they do I feel like I would strongly consider it as a career

Is it normal not to respond to a job interview followup email?

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Would it be acceptable if I gave my manager 11 day notice?

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I know it's very odd since it should be two weeks. It's just I haven't been able to get a hold of her since the assistant manager is not responsible for hiring. I wanted to tell her I found an opportunity that would be more beneficial to me. I saw she works Monday in the evening.

Do partners at law firms know how much their support staff gets paid?

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I am a file clerk at a law firm, and I have an income affidavit form that needs to be notarized. One of the partners (NOT senior partner, so his name is not in the title of the firm) is a notary public, but I’m wondering if he knows what my salary is. If so, I have no problem letting him notarize the form, as... show more

What are some job ideas for introvert teenager?

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Hey I’m a 15 year old female looking for a job I recently started working at a restaurant as a busser and it’s a nightmare. Customers can get really mean and my coworkers complain that I’m too slow too quiet too perfect with everything I think too long and this girl told me that everyone’s talking about me and... show more

Is a pharmacist a good job?

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I was told the pharmacist industry was over-saturated. I was also told that after graduating, getting a job is hard. Is this true?

Work took away chairs and is making us stand for 12 hours, what to do?

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