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Just looking for alternative possible solutions. I'm a loner do no friends to ask?

Studying in San Diego over the summer and I need a car to commute from home to school for only a few months. I am under 21 so renting a car seems to be out of the picture. Any ideas?

It stays on even when I turn the ignition off and take the key out.

I could get a 14 passenger or 18 passenger bus, but I plan on removing all the seats and making it livable (bed, small kitchen, etc.)

Best answer: Truck driving is better. You don't have to deal with the public. You don't have any uncertainty from day to day about where you're going. You can 'live' in the truck. You just have to be able to deal with being alone (though there are husband/wife teams. That must be interesting.) Plus you... show more

My car is getting a bit long in the tooth, but most of the cars I see now are automatics and seem to think the drivers are complete idiots and promote more and more computer control. The other thing I'm not going to drive on the track or over 80 mph so I don't really care about its lap times or how it... show more

Best answer: Yeah some traffic engineers obviously don't know how to drive..

1. motorcycles 2. ATVs 3. trailers/fifth wheels 4. mass transit buses like the Orion VII

soo, i just turned 18 and i got my learners permit today. i know i’m late, and i suck, blah blah. but i really want to start driving LEGALLY and BY MYSELF before summer ends and i need to know how long i have to wait

Best answer: Different states have different laws. In my state (California) it's legal to drive in slippers or even barefoot, but not recommended.

I saw this girl in a bmw and her mirrors automatically folded when she locked her car it was so cool. How can i make my car do that?

I'm a beginner driver, and this is something I'm struggling with. When I'm approaching a stop sign or a stop light, I start pressing on the brakes, but the car jolts. My dad and brother tell me that I have to ease on the brake to come to a smooth stop. I try to do that, but once I get to the stop sign... show more