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9 year old in booster seat?

7 answers · 1 day ago
I watch a 9 year old and take her places in my car. I have a spare booster seat from my niece so I got it out for her to use when she’s with me, but i was informed by her guardian that “she’s 9 she doesn’t need a car seat, she rides in the front seat now.” This is poor parenting in my opinion because she is very... show more

Not a troll, I promise, even though this is ridiculous. My adult girlfriend has never driven but now has a permit. Problem is, she randomly panics. 50mph, heavy traffic and she slammed on the brakes and came to a dead stop to make a right turn. No warning. Nothing I could have done except tell her to just GOGOGO!... show more

Best answer: There WERE computers in the 1940's, but they tended to not be digital; they were analog computers. Which does not mean that they didn't work. Which they did. But they were hard to program. Not having all the details on Bill Lear's F-5, I presume that the crew on board kept feeding it navigational... show more

Best answer: As a pedestrian when a car/van comes up behind me fast and then starts sounding their horn and/or yelling at me to get out the way - in the area where I live there are no pavements so I have to walk in the road to get where I need to go - I just walk slower in the middle of the road giving them the finger.

Best answer: YYZ to HKG great circle distance is 12569 km. Range of Being 747-400ER is 14200 km Range of Being 747-8 is 14320 km Range of Boeing 787-8 is 13620 km Range of Boeing 787-9 is 14140 km Range of Boeing 777-200ER is 13080 km Range of Boeing 777-300ER is 13649 km Take your pick...

Why do people like Boeing?

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They say that it gives the pilots the last say instead of computers, yet Boeings have flown themselves into the ground far more often than Airbus.

Best answer: Germanwings Flight 9525 is why. A co-pilot intentionally crashed the plane after locking the pilot out of the cockpit during a bathroom break. . .

Best answer: Almost all passenger cars/trucks/vans have suspension setups designed to make the vehicle understeer when an idiotically abrupt maneuver such as a very sudden swerve at high speeds is made. In other words the front end is setup to lose traction before the rear, so that instead of the car rotating/spinning and then... show more

Basically when a jet crashes it can burst into flames so if it crashes into a building the explosion could essentially cause more damage and harm to more human life, if in the case of pilot ejection being neccissary would it be sensible for the fuel tanks to drop from under the plane and be parachuted to the ground... show more

I currently hold a private pilot’s license and work full time in aerospace as a mechanical engineer. Although I enjoy my work as an engineer, I would much rather be a professional pilot or a flight test engineer in the future. I would like to earn my commercial pilot’s license, but don’t make enough money... show more

Best answer: No. It's a movement sensor to optimise the light change times. THIS is what a typical red light camera looks like: They are set a way back from the actual junction, so they see the number plate of... show more