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Best answer: Outside of what? Outside of your home, in your driveway, or in your side yard? No. On a private street? No. On a public street ? Yes. REF: Have a couple dead vehicles, expired tags, on my property. My city only insists if they Look bad And Easily Visible from street, a regular car cover. Not a tarp. Still,... show more

My home Address is in California and I’ve been in the service for 3 years with my current residency in Alaska. I’m buying a car in California but I’m moving to North Carolina in a month. Where do I have to register the car?

Best answer: YES, if you purchased comprehensive coverage, which is no fault and hitting an animal is hard not to do With an animal hitting a car is easy to prove, since the animal will leave either blood or hairs from the impact. But the biggest problem of hitting or (not) hitting an animal, is that you do not hit them,... show more

When I go to renew registration in Wisconsin it says I cannot renew because of an incident. When I look up my file it says I have no incidents. However, I just discovered my renew noticed was returned to sender. Some how the DMV has a previous address on file from 5 years ago. I did not change my address and cannot... show more

I live in Florida and I'm considering going to North Carolina State University. However, the car insurance is a problem, is there a way that my parents could save some money if I go out of state? We have GEICO but any other car insurance companies that have better benefits?

What should I do?

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Best answer: it was a tiny bump I wouldt worry about it unless you see the cops looking for your car and she/he would be at fault due to the fact she/he hit you

If my tags expire in April, do I get a ticket if I don't renew by end of April? Or is there a grace period?

I was in an auto accident and my car was smashed to where I can't drive it. The other driver was at fault and my insurance adjuster has been on the ball, but the other insurance company and the other driver won't return her calls or respond to her letters. I have tried to reach them myself and they... show more

Best answer: If the other driver's insurance refuses to pay for your car repairs then file a claim with YOUR insurance company against your uninsured motorist coverage. They will pay for your repairs then sue the other driver for repayment. If you don't have uninsured motorist coverage then get a quote for repairs,... show more

Best answer: It means problems reported in the first 90 days of ownership of a brand new car. It doesn't mean much because most quality and reliability problems show up after 90 days. I certainly wouldn't want a car that has a high 90-day problem rate, but I'm much more interested in how it does over at least 3-5... show more

Driving on permit summon NJ?

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I got pulled over few weeks ago for driving on permit by myself but on the summon that the officer gave me the offense shows that i was driving after hours with probationary license. Does that mean in court i can just say i was driving after hours or will it say i was driving with my permit. Also i get my license... show more