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What type of car should we get?

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Why do people drive so slowly?

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Speeding but I wasn t pulled?

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I was driving towards eleds on the M1 last night at around 11am. No cars on road. Pretty empty. I was cruising at around 80mph or slightly less for most of the journey. There was a car behind me by about 100 yards. For those who drive this road will know that once you enter the M1 section where it leads to Leeds... show more

I've driven through the williamsburg bridge like 3 or 4 times now and I still feel uncomfortable. The lanes are so narrow that you could literally reach out the window and touch the other cars:

I was driving in the left lane and maps didn't inform me that I should be on the right lane. It didn't inform me and I didn't realize it until it was too late. Because of that, I had to go through the tolled Hugh L. Carey Tunnel.

Best answer: Just under 2 bucks but I rarely grab one on-the-go. I either make it at home or wait until I get into work where we have a coffee machine that has a surprisingly decent selection of coffee choices. On a side note, if I do grab a coffee on the way, I'll always park the car and go inside. The line-up inside is... show more

Public transit?

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Best answer: prolly some lust

A few weeks ago I took the permit and failed. I studied hard beforehand going on the colorado drivers site and taking the practice permit until i got almost every answer right. But when i took the test the answers were almost completely different and im scared to take it again. I printed out the drivers handbook,... show more

Best answer: Yes.

Best answer: That depends totally upon the road traffic laws in whichever mystery country you reside in. But in the UK, no, you are not obliged to do so. Which is great for me, as most UK drivers never look at the hours of operation for bus lanes and I get everywhere much faster by using them when they are non-operational.

I got 60mpg in my Honda Civic recently for 100 miles by coasting downhill and increasing air in tires by 5psi. How do you do it??

Best answer: maybe doc him a star (if everything else was good) and if you can leave a comment, point out it smelled like cigarettes.

From NY to CA if your car gets 50mpg and you sleep in your car?

Best answer: Depends on how much you desire to get your license. Some learn in a few weeks and for others it can be years.If one teacher is not working out for you try another one. You already know the difficulty of travel by walking , riding a bike , your horse, dog cart or whatever, Up to you to put in the EFFORT to try. It... show more

Best answer: It takes me about 4 minutes to get from my bedroom to my office, and THAT'S if I stop in the kitchen to get a cup of coffee on the way.