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If you filed for bankruptcy recently?

If they are worried it will bounce, they can call the bank while I am sitting there and ask if I have enough to cover the check.

They always lie on their ads saying it’s a perfect, no accident car until you check the carfax and its been in multiple accidents and was just sold at auction. Are all arabs lying **** sellers? Literally every Arab I’ve dealt with has lied about a previously damaged car.

I have 2018 Honda vehicle. My lease will be up in Jan 2020 is there anyway I can get out of my lease early or find a loophole in the contract ?

When renew the registertation ill be asked to pay . Im selling my car so why pay it?

Ive been for a year now and wanna return it. Will i get the equity i own? Also is there a way to not pay the late fees?

I am on the market for a vehicle but not super new. I've been trying to decide on whether or not to purchase one pf these 3 vehicles but I can't properly decide. they are all 2004 models... The Chevy 4 door Blazer, The Ford Escape, and the Nissan Pathfinder. in a vehicle I look for dependability, good gas... show more

Best answer: Suggestions: 1. Negotiate on the price before mentioning how you're going to pay for it. Don't let them start on that topic until you've come down to a price you like. Once you've come to a decent price then talk about how you're going to pay. 2. Get a preaproved loan. I've gotten much... show more

Best answer: Yes, you absolutely have to pay the minimum monthly payment every month. That's how loans work. Paying a larger amount just makes the number of total payments less. If you were to skip a month, you'd have to arrange that with the bank ahead of time and you'd still need to pay the interest, but that... show more

Best answer: Unless you have $2000-3000 down, it does not matter which car you wanted.

Are used cars totally junks?

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Best answer: I've owned 22 used cars,, Ten of them were such POSs that it would have cost three times what I paid for them to fix while I drove them around till I finally parked them at junk yards,, Another ten, cost me half as much as I paid for them to keep them on the road till I either junked or sold them,, And only... show more

Where should I take out a car loan?

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So I want to buy a 2019 Honda Accord hybrid. I’m 27 years old and this will be my first time buying a car without my parents by my side (maybe I should have mom come?). My credit score is around 700 and I was just wondering where is the best place to take out a car loan. I bank with suntrust currently. My last car... show more

My old car died. I guess I could use uber or whatever but I don't really want to.

I am soon hoping to learn how to drive and having a rough idea on what car to buy (when I can) would be great.

I want to buy a used bmw 3 series under $20,000. Because im too cheap to spend $40k on a new one because i like to change my cars every know and then anyway. I will probably sell it in a year or two anyway. But i have heard people saying they are endless money pits. Is that true?

I just got my driver's license,but I have no car.I'm thinking about going to get one from car dealerships but i only make 1'100 monthly as a Security guard. Pls advice

How much is a Cadilac logo worth?

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Best answer: Depends. Collector may give $250 for an original "vee" for a '59. I paid $15 for a '60's Chevrolet bowtie.