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Hey guys soo i need some advice, im a 23 year old and im interested in buying a truck. The price of the truck is $30,000. I make about $900 every 2 weeks, and in a month i make around $1,700. In my bank i have around $2,000 in chequins and $400 in savings. Do you think i can afford this truck??????

I leased a truck a few months ago that is two wheel drive, but now I want a four wheel drive. Can I take the truck back and just lease the four wheel drive version? Thanks.

Best answer: Yes but the fact that your friends suv can travel further on a full tank does not mean it is more efficient than the sedan. It could have a fuel tank twice the size of the sedan. The estimated fuel economy for the Lexus is 13/17mpg Fusion 25/37mpg

Why are new cars so damn expensive?

7 answers · 7 hours ago
Im looking at getting a new car in the future. I currently drive a old rusty crappy car. Im looking at new cars and the prices are insane. Is this normal? why are cars so expensive these days?

I noticed you can get very cheap cars a these auctions like for $400. But how can i bid on them if i dont have a dealer license?

370Z or FRS in the long haul?

7 answers · 2 days ago
A 370Z or a Scion FRS/ BRZ / 86. Still been debating which one I want to get I know people tell me that a FRS can go a long way and will last way longer than the 370Z. Your opinions on both cars? And by long haule I mean if I buy either one at low miles which one would last longer for day to day driving being work,... show more

So I was in Arizona training for a new job. I currently live in California but like i said I was training. Anywhooo while i was there i took my car to a dealership (honda) my car is a honda. Anywho I walked out with a brand new 2019 accord. I had signed the contract and I thought everything was fine. So I ended up... show more

Are Alpha Romeo's a reliable car?

5 answers · 19 hours ago

or should i save money they buy it ?

My salesman spoke with my finance company of my trade in and had them fax him a copy of my trade in pay off, which was $35,500. When writing up my contract someone put my pay off amount as $14,500. My finance company for my new vehicle says everything is good with them. But the dealership, salesman says I need to... show more