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Is a car from 2002 considered old or new?

20 answers · Other - Cars & Transportation · 12 hours ago

Can I drive a car 12,000 miles without an oil change?

19 answers · Maintenance & Repairs · 13 hours ago
Best answer: It depends on the "health" of your car, the conditions in which you drive, and the type of oil you used for the last oil change. Personally, I think getting oil changed regularly is a lot cheaper than a repair that is needed because you tried to cheap out on the oil changes.

Is it harmful to install a loud exhaust on a V4 car?

27 answers · Maintenance & Repairs · 3 days ago

Is a car from 1999 considered a classic car?

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What gives the "royal" family the right to rule over us?

17 answers · Infiniti · 21 hours ago
Best answer: My dog has a higher pedigree than that lot.

Why are motorcycles are so loud?

14 answers · Motorcycles · 15 hours ago

How to resolve traffic ticket while hiding it from parents?

22 answers · Insurance & Registration · 2 days ago
I recently got my first ever traffic ticket because of an illegal u-turn. It’s been days and I haven’t told my parents. I’m 18 turning 19 next month and have been driving since I got my permit in 2016 and received my license in Jan of 2017. I don’t have my own car because I’ve been driving my mom’s car that she... show more

Defective car tyres covered under used car warranty?

11 answers · Maintenance & Repairs · 2 days ago
Bought a used car from a dealer about 3 weeks ago. Unfortunately there is vibration within the car when traveling at 60mph+ due to the rear tyres being deformed with. (Not a true circle when looking at the tyre). Had the car at a tyre fitter and they say the tyres required to be replaced. I understand wear and tear... show more

What to say and what not to say to an adjuster?How do I file a lawsuit with out a lawyer? How do I know how much my payout is with my insurance company.Two kids,and my husband was in the car.

Best answer: The manual just TOLD you to do that.

Probably very studpid question, but we say the airplane "burns the fuel" in order to be powered. Is it literally burning inside the fuel? I would think it's very dangerous if there is real fire (flame) within the engine. But if there is no fire, why say "burns the fuel" and how the oil fuel... show more

How to open my window on aircraft while its flying?

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I think they wasting power of using Air condition we can use natural wind during the whole flight that will be more amazing Seems like they are idiots

I accidentally put diesel in my 2018 Mitsubishi Mirage?

16 answers · Maintenance & Repairs · 2 days ago
I feel like the worlds biggest idiot. I probably am. I’ve had my car since March 2018 and most of the time I’ve had it, my boyfriend would fill up my gas but yesterday I was rushing after I got off work and had to go get my hair done. Went to the gas station because I had a little less than halfway left on gas. I... show more

What’s a good first car for teenagers? That isn’t a total gas eater?

30 answers · Other - Cars & Transportation · 4 days ago

What would insurance company do if I bought flooded vehicle?

19 answers · Insurance & Registration · 3 days ago
I recently was sold used 122000 miles vehicle with clean title and clean carfax. Only after I bought it I started to notice weird problems with the car. After looking deeper I started noticing lots of evidence of water damage like excessive interior rust, grit, dry mud, sand inside door trims and many other... show more

What does that mean? I drive a Honda Accord, if that helps. My car is driving fine (just a slight jerking every now and then, but that's another issue i'll get fixed). The fact that it did that then stopped worries!

Can i sell my car with 200k miles on it?

10 answers · Buying & Selling · 11 hours ago
Best answer: Sure you can. You can sell anything you like or want as long as you have that title. You might find a sucker, or i mean some fool, uh i means some potential buyer. As long as you are not over priced and be realistic abt how much you want.

Check engine light turning off and on?

11 answers · Maintenance & Repairs · 21 hours ago
hi! so my check engine light came on about a week ago and the same day i took it by autozone to have them run a diagnostic test on it. it came back saying i needed a gas cap, so i replaced the gas cap and left. i drove it around for the next half hour or so and the light still hadn’t turned off. the next day it... show more

Whatever happened to manual chokes on cars?

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