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I am in my 20s and I not only pay for dates i also pay my girlfriends rent and other monthly bills. I dont do this because my girlfriend doesnt make money (she makes as much as me). I do this because as the man i should be the one who should provide for her. She should be able to do whatever she pleases with her... show more

Why do some people think their farts don't smell?

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I HAve always been an introvert since I was very young and now I wonder, after spending some time reading and watching videos online about introverts, is it a GOOD THING to be an introvert? I know, a lot of people make fun of us and say we have no social skills, don't like talking to people, are boring,... show more

Why are smart men avoiding women in the workplace in todays world..????

What do you think of these law ideas that I have?

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Here are 7 law ideas that I have: 1. Women get paid more money than men do despite working the same job and doing the same quality of work as them. 2. The drinking age for women is 18 years old, while the drinking age for men is still 21 years old. 3. If a man is accused of any forms of harassments or assaults... show more

Is a man less of a man if he doesn't work with his hands?

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I was raised in a family where a man is considered less if he doesn't work with his hands, or uses gloves while landscaping or carpenting.

Why do people think unisex bathrooms are a good idea?

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Best answer: Cheap American restrooms have stalls with huge gaps. The rest of the world doesn't. Americans need to have better bathroom stalls, simply as a matter of principle. Problem solved.

Best answer: I give them the silent treatment. P.S. - I don't care if extroverts want to diminish introverts. It's annoying but what can you do? There will always be people who object to anyone who is even slightly different than normal but those are the people who are weak. People talk about respecting... show more

Hey guys, I am currently a 24-year-old, entry level Mechanical Engineer. My job is stable, but I am having a hard time going above and beyond and getting promotions. I am pretty much an average employee and I find school easier than work. Right now I earn about $60,000. It would take me about 5-10 years just to... show more

Should I use cannabis to become a more relaxed person?

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I want to change my personality... I feel like this is an impossible task. So, maybe I should start using weed? I am hypersensitive, I hear too loud, I care too much about micro behaviour and passive agressiveness, I get a lot of psychosomatic symptoms from stress easily and I am insecure.

Can I get him for child support if I got pregnant on purpose?

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Best answer: I think that you did an irresponsible thing. Then, again, the man equally did an irresponsible thing for sleeping with you without a commitment. It is called fornication on both ends. Your sin is as good as his as long as you did not rape him. He made the decision to be a dad when he dipped his organ inside of you.... show more

Best answer: "How specifically does the government advantage women owned small businesses over male owned under the SBA?" Most people probably don't even realize that this program exists, along with so many other non-equality and discriminatory programs that are denied to men just because they are men. The anon... show more

Best answer: We were once ashamed of our sin but now there is no shame. I can see why God has wrath to pour out in the end. People back then felt bad and turned their lives around after they messed up, but today they proudly post about all their shameful things on the internet and everyone in their family and all their friends... show more

Why is it taboo to say I'm not attracted obese women?

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Am I self righteous if I think everyone is stupid?

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