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Best answer: They don’t have to. They have enough brainwashed puppets who cant see the tracks.

I am directing a play and have control over cast and crew (I am friendly with producers). Our budget is the highest our theater company has ever spent. There is a lot of singing and dancing in the play and I have a great choreographer. She is talented and works well with the performers, me, and he producers. The... show more

What is a virtuoso?

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Best answer: A person who is skilled in one or more sections of "the Arts". I could be playing a musical instrument .. writing classical music .. or collecting fine art.

Are some actors humble?

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Best answer: Yes. I can't be specific, but I know a lot of actors are in awe of their co-stars/directors etc, even "fans", and feel blessed to have the chance to work with them.

I want to learn how to play the guitar and i already chose to play thr electric one. I wanted to know whether i should just find a tutor that can borrow me theirs or just buy a guitar so i can get accustomed to it. Please help (Btw, i am aware that most people start with the classic but i decided to learn what im... show more

Best answer: To some extent yes, but you will be limited to playing fingerstyle (since you don't use a pick on a classical guitar). This is a serious limitation. A good beginners' steel string acoustic guitar (like the Yamaha FS800) is only around $200. I recommend you take the plunge and get one. Good luck and... show more

Best answer: Being talented can be a big help in what you want to achieve and you would have an advantage. But you still need to use your intelligence to remember, improvise and use vocabulary. Your intelligence is not the same as your talent. Some people have talent but they never improve if they don't use their brain. A... show more

What exactly is technique?

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Best answer: For the performing musician, technique is the use of physical components - hands, fingers, lips, and any other needed body parts - to develop the specific advanced motion and control to play at your best level.

How to play arpeggios?

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I can’t seem to play arpeggios when playing the guitar. I wanna learn how to play interdimensional summit by dimmu borgir, however the chorus requires arpeggios and I can’t play them without background noise.

Best answer: It takes some brains, but its really more about talent, beauty and the casting couch, lol.

Best answer: There is no method of making yourself not worry other than thinking about it differently. So think about it differently, and you won't be as worried.

Best answer: Because they're too busy striving for perfection. It's a never ending battle, and a losing one at that. They can't see how good they are. Just how far from perfection they are. Never reaching it is upsetting. Never to feel satisfied.

Few have already made it here it seems. Will millions of illegals in France try and sail to England in 2019? I just can't recognise my country any more.

What is a solar fate.?

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Best answer: The navy should tow their silly little boats back to the french coast and sink them so the blighters can walk ashore in France all wet and cold.

Actors who make millions of dollars could have their money redistributed to give hundreds of struggling actors a living wage.

Best answer: Well what do you expect? Whites are privileged, and white girls are seen as “gems”, they are seen as the top of the human race, so every POC (including white men) wants a piece of them. Their snowflake white skin, bright sunny blonde hair, blue eyes... who wouldn’t rape them if had the chance? It’s like winning the... show more