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I posted a story for critique in a writer's workshop and was told that I could write better than any of them could read. They said they doubted any of them could ever write as well as I could, and they found the writing too complex. That was just my regular writing style. How can I dumb it down so I can be... show more

How do you choose books?

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What book are you reading?

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I've been wanting books on liguistics and grammar but haven't see any such categories. There were "education" books, but not linguistics and grammar ones.

I have a school assignment where I have to write a story and my first idea was to write about a girl that was falsely imprisoned and her friend that’s majoring in pre law tries to help her get out. But it’s kind of tricky since I’m not completely well-versed on the criminal justice system. Any idea would be much... show more

Who was Beatrix potter?

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Best answer: She was a writer of childrens' books around 1900..


I notice that in historical novels I read written in the last 20 years or so, the authors give their protags modern attitudes toward slavery, women's issues, racism, etc. Is it problematic if you write a main character who has period-appropriate sensibilites? I'm not saying write a story with an evil... show more

Books for a reluctant reader?

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Best answer: The theme is about power. What people do to get it, what people do to keep it, and how people use it. In both the books and TV series the characters are complex in that they are neither completely good nor completely bad; they are 3 dimensional characters. We get to see how the different characters react in the... show more

Best answer: At least R. L. Stine has not fallen into the trap of using his stories as a platform for his political views.

Fictional character type?

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I have an idea for a science fiction story. There plot requires that the protagonist speak to a "mentor" who nobody else sees. The "mentor" is the deceased spirit image of his favorite social science instructor his university days (looks a lot like Morgan Freeman). The "mentor"... show more

Best answer: The one single thing you can do that would make the fastest improvement is to learn how to use punctuation. Oh and the bit where "her hands grabbed the rope and ran outside" made me snort with laughter. THINK about what you're writing. THINK about what's happening. THINK about how she's... show more