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Why did Hitler commit suicide?

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Best answer: The United Nations was not formed until after WW2. We'll get that out of the way. The League of Nations was in operation between WW1 and WW2. However, it was not effective towards forcing Nazi Germany to change its ways. Just like someone in their front yard, yelling across the street about someone else in... show more

Why did the Romans fear the Druids?

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Best answer: Bill Clinton = one of the best presidents of all time. Took over the White House with more than 7% unemployment and ended his presidency with less than 5% unemployment, AND a budget surplus (after he raised taxes on the rich). There was peace during his presidency, and he helped ban assault weapons (few mass... show more

Best answer: America was never free. It is true for a period after WW2 before the 80s, poor and middle class white men had more financial freedom, because they were paid more (comparatively) than they are now.

I've always been told that Christopher Columbus thought he had arrived in India when he had really arrived in the US. Naturally, he called the Native people there, Indians. Obviously nowadays, we know that he did not arrive in India, and that Native Americans have nothing to do with Indians. But my history... show more

Best answer: Chamberlain never wanted war - neither did Hitler. And it was Roosevelt who created the problems that led to war. The issues between Germany and Poland were relatively minor and based on Germany gaining access to provide support and protection to Danzig and East Prussia. Up until Britain involved themselves in the... show more

Best answer: If by 'get over' (a remarkably patronising phrase) you mean 'expunge from history') then certainly not.

Best answer: They didn't view themselves as Racist, they thought that they were cleansing the American population from mixing with the black people, who were thought to be unsavoury types at the time. Their actions were deplorable, completely unethical and unquestionably racist. They would target young black people and... show more

This perplexes me. I have tried to research it on my own but have come up empty. The British American Colonies gained independence after the Revolutionary War. Then the British attacked the newly formed United States in 1812, going as far as ransacking and burning the capital city. Then, by the 20th century, the... show more

If I were stuck on the low decks knowing the rich people upstairs were eating duck pate and drinking the finest wines, smoking the finest cigars and listening to Johann Strauss. I'd crash it even if I had to STEAL somebody's tux and introduce myself as Jean-Luc Edmond Bartram-Wellington, 5th Baronet of... show more