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You know with two wars going on, how did he do it. The holocaust must of costed a lot of money.

the slave owner and his family acted as the slave's surrogate family. he provided his slaves an occupation and career, a sense of purpose, job security, free medical care, and a place to live when he got old. most slaves would have lived cruel, homeless existences and short lives without their master to care... show more

For a history project

Countries such as Germany which I had assumed would have been the most dangerous for Jews had much higher survival rates than much if not most of Eastern Europe. Can anyone explain the reasons behind this?

Could the Holocaust happen again?

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Best answer: "Could"? When you ask "could", it's really a non-question. The earth "could" explode five minutes from now. Who can say a thing "could" not happen? A better way to phrase that might be, is it likely? Do factors still exist which when arranged in a certain combination... show more

Best answer: "Liberals" don't pay much attention to world events.

Best answer: Historians will tell you different things, but it is agreed that Lee was too aggressive at times and blundered by not having enough reserves. He was also badly hampered by the weakness of his supplies - the Confederate economy was shackled at the beginning and crippled by 1864. Grant's strengths were that he... show more

I for one favour modern history, but I would like to hear everyone’s perspective.

Best answer: NOPE - Not when the Germans also did this. When your enemy bombs your cities, all bets are off. You can't let them bomb your cities, and you sit by and just take it. Turn-around is fair play. LOL - you think the Germans should have been able to do this, and we would not?? The Germans & Japanese would... show more

I readed that when the Japanese invaded Nanking, the Japanese violate woman. Did USA soldiers ever commit stuff like that, or was it something people did before? I'm just confused, was this something that happened in wars before?

I am looking for books to read that are about any time in History.

Both the axis and allies bombed civilian populations so really both committed acts of terrorism so really terrorism is just a characteristic of war and realistically how can we be so against it?

Hey guys, so i was arguing with my friend about N.Korea, i told him that Trump made a historic moment when Kim and S.Korea shook hands and possibly made a progress towards the future. Then he told me that Kim is just fooling people, that all his hatred would not disappear. Which i replied in saying that at least it... show more

Best answer: Witch doctors from Kenya, I think.

Best answer: It wouldn't be childish if you were here first.

Best answer: Because of Fu Manchu.