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Best answer: I sure Thought I did. I soon learned Better. Shoulda joined the Marines, wouldn't have hurt me none.

How do I connect to Universe?

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How do I pray to Universe to help me achieve my dreams and save me from death?

Are there any fundamental truths?

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Best answer: As my mother always says, whatevers in the dark, always comes to light.

Im writing a philosophy paper and am having trouble thinking about this question. Is it impossible to completely eliminate uncertainty? Can we know for certain about anything? Any input is appreciated

All immoral actions are commuted out of ignorance. Either ignorance f the harm one is doing to others, ignorance of the harm one is doing to oneself ignorance of the possible alternatives to the wrongful actions.

Are you sad Grumpy Cat died?

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What is real?

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Best answer: what you see is actually what you don't see. do you see that?