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Do you like anime? why/why not?

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Just to give some context, animed that I ve already watched and like are Deadman Wonderland Blue Alchamist Future Diary The Devil is a Part Timer My Hero Acadamea Parasite And Black Butler I ve watched some others (Fairy Tail, Tokyo Ghoul, Seven Deadly Sins, Deathnote, etc) but I can t find any as good as the... show more

Why is dubbed anime so hated?

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Best answer: There are two main reasons for the hate, original content and elitism. A lot of the times, dubs are hated upon more out of elitism than anything else really and in such cases, there's nothing you can do about it except ignore it, though the argument of subs being the original content has validity. The main... show more

I shouldn't have to change what I love for him right? what should I tell him, he thinks anime is gay but that's irrational right?

Team DC: Green Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Black Lightning, Atom, Hawkman, Sarah Lance, and Dinah Drake The Runaways: Alex Wilder, Nico Minoru, Karolina Dean, Chase Stern, Gert Yorkes, Molly Hernandez, and Old Lace + Cloak and Dagger Who would win and why?

She accidentally sent me a short video meant for her friend of Hikaru and kaoru. Is this age appropriate? Should I be worried? She s watching on YouTube. I ve never watched Anime, and it all has a disturbing vibe to me, but I don t want to forbid something that might be okay. Help!

Best answer: Ed because Ed has the power of moronic strength (Similar to Patrick Star at times) and comedic plot armor (similar to Bugs Bunny) as well as cartoonish invulnerability. Thanks to Ed's impossibly dumb luck, he'll likely accidently obtain a piece of kryptonite rendering Superman defenseless.

Which character is this & from what show?

Iron Man vs Captain America?

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Best answer: It's very hard to read the captions, so I can't really formulate an opinion on it.

And I really do mean attracted person, not attractive person - would have his or her nose start to bleed from being romantically or sexually attracted by another? Is the nose starts bleeding thing just a thing in their media for entertainment such as manga and anime, or does it mean something more??